Should Nikki Cross turn heel with Alexa Bliss on WWE SmackDown?

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Nikki Cross has another WWE SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity, but will she also have a chance to join Alexa Bliss as a villain?

When Nikki Cross last had a WWE SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity against the dominant Bayley, she lost and then snapped, pushing Alexa Bliss to the ground. Not long after, Bliss was attacked by the Fiend, leading to a storyline that is still ongoing.

While Cross has since apologized to Bliss and has seemingly had her apology accepted, she’s also noticed a slight change in Bliss’ character. Bliss has been wearing braids in her hair similar to the Fiend, and she has gained quite the temper. It always seemed like Bliss was changed by the Fiend.

That change became obvious on the Sept. 11 episode of WWE SmackDown. Bliss and Cross were competing in a Fatal Four-Way match to determine Bayley’s opponent at Clash of Champions on Sept. 27. When the action went outside the ring, Bliss hit Cross with a picture-perfect “Sister Abigail”, complete with the kiss beforehand as she stared down the announce table. And then Bliss just left the match. Walked away from a title opportunity.

Yeah, Bliss is 100 percent working with the Fiend.

Alexa Bliss could cost Nikki Cross a title opportunity

So it stands to reason that Bliss will likely interfere in Cross’ title match at Clash of Champions against Bayley. It’s impossible seeing Cross win that match, because Sasha Banks vs. Bayley is the big-ticket feud for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Bliss can cost Cross, and the two former tag team champions can start feuding with each other. But I think the end game points to a road where Bliss and Cross start working together again.

It makes sense for Bliss to do something new, working as a heel again with the Fiend. Honestly, it helps the Fiend the most, because after losing the Universal Title so quickly, he needs something that will give him a momentum boost. And while fans like the Fiend, the interest in his work wasn’t exactly high during the Braun Strowman feud until Alexa joined the storyline.

And it would likewise make sense for Cross to do something new but still be with Bliss. Wrestling fans have thoroughly enjoyed their work together as a babyface tag team, and there’s value in keeping them together, just as different characters.

Would Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross even be heels, though?

It seems like Bliss and Cross would be heels if Bliss recruits Cross to create a faction with Bray Wyatt. But is Wyatt a heel? The answer is “He should be,” as the Fiend, but there have been rumors of a babyface run for Wyatt after the Universal Title loss at Payback. So the heel/face dynamic of Wyatt and, subsequently Bliss, remains unclear.

All I know is that I’d love to see Cross and Bliss briefly feud as a result of some Clash of Champions interference from Bliss, but then reunite as different characters and do something really interesting on WWE SmackDown. We still need all the established tag teams we can get, especially after the IIconics and BaySha broke up.

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Bliss and Cross have been mainstays on the Blue Brand, and I’m excited to see what’s next for them, even if it is just a rivalry without a run together in a new storyline. The latter, though, has a lot of mileage and would garner a lot of interest. I’d love to see WWE try it out.