Jeff Hardy knew we wanted to sing along to ‘No More Words’, so it’s coming back

WWE, Jeff Hardy (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images)
WWE, Jeff Hardy (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images) /

Jeff Hardy’s theme song “No More Words” is beloved by WWE fans, and it will be making a comeback when the fans do.

Because of COVID-19, WWE fans are unable to attend shows. AEW and some NFL teams have fans in the audience at a limited capacity, so perhaps fans could be in attendance sooner than expected.

Without discussing that issue any further, the topic of fans is important when it comes to how wrestlers are presented. The Thunderdome has injected new life into the WWE product, but it’s not the same, which means there are some aspects of the show impacted.

According to Jeff Hardy in an interview posted by WWE on BT Sport on Twitter, his old theme song “No More Words”, which fans have been clamoring for since he started wrestling in singles competition again, will make a comeback.

Hardy says that in his new deal with WWE, he specifically asked for the song to come back.

But when will fans have to wait?

When they can sing along.

‘No More Words’ will return for Jeff Hardy when WWE fans do

The current Intercontinental Champion stated in the interview that “No More Words” will be his theme song – rather than the iconic tag team theme song of the Hardy Boyz that he is currently using on Friday nights – when fans are able to return.

Performed by the band EndeverafteR, “No More Words” is one of the best WWE songs in history. It’s like Edge’s “Metalingus”. When that song hits, you can’t help but sing along and hit the air guitar with it, too, when he gets a full entrance with the entire song playing.

The right theme song makes all the difference, especially for a babyface like Hardy. He’s a great babyface without the theme song, of course, but being able to sing “No More Words” makes his entrance just that much more special.

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Hardy’s had some great theme songs during his time in wrestling, including his self-performed first theme in TNA, but nothing can quite touch “No More Words” in terms of impact and that nostalgic feel.