WWE: Fans should hope the mysterious woman is Carmella

WWE SmackDown, Carmella (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)
WWE SmackDown, Carmella (Photo by Robert Prezioso/Getty Images) /

It’s been a few months since Carmella has been seen on television but her return would breath a nice bit of change in the women’s division.

The last few weeks of WWE SmackDown have seen the inclusion of vignettes that highlight a mysterious woman to join the Blue brand women’s division. Carmella’s name leapt to the top of the list as the lady featured in the videos and her return appears imminent. Money in the Bank was the last time we have seen the “Staten Island Princess” and now would be the perfect time to bring her back into the fold.

Remember when fans were upset that Carmella was brought up to the main roster, but separated from Enzo and Big Cass? In retrospect that may be looked at as a move that saved her career with the WWE as both Enzo and Cass had well-publicized departures from the WWE. Watching Carmella blossom on the main roster helps her stand out as one of the exceptions to the rule that WWE Creative has struggled bringing NXT talent to either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown. If Carmella’s past success is any indicator, then fans should be excited about her assumed return.

Both women’s divisions on the main roster need a boost. There has been a real dearth of storylines featuring the ladies outside of anything involving the Four Horsewomen or Asuka. With Bayley destroying Sasha Banks and writing her from television for an extended period, another woman needs to step up as a foil that can push Bayley’s character development even further. Even though Nikki Cross is pegged as the next challenger at WWE Clash of Champions on September 27, there is not much excitement around a retread of a match from earlier this year. Carmella’s eventual inclusion immediately creates a match and angle that is different than what has been presented in past week’s to months.

Bayley and Carmella had a single’s match back in February of this year, which was the last time Carmella’s been a central character in the women’s title picture. Her title run as SmackDown women’s champion back in 2018 was marred by some instances of controversy but overall was entertaining. But Carmella did some of her best work when she was paired with R-Truth. A partnership that saw her even become the 24/7 champion twice.

But what that run with R-Truth really showed was the range that Carmella has as an entertainer. When coupled with her steady improvement in the ring, Carmella is a talent that can help breath some life into the rest of the women’s division.

The question that is really waiting to be answered is around the changes to come with this new character. WWE Creative has attempted similar shifts with other women in recent years, failing and immediately shifting back to more of the same. Look back to both Liv Morgan and Emma as examples. It almost seems like leadership on the creative team is determined to get some type of character like this on television and in front of viewers. There is not any telling what difference this will make to Carmella’s character, but the booking will determine how well it is received.

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Fans should hope that the woman featured in the brief clips is Carmella. Her return will give fans a face that they have not seen in months at a time when there is a need for something new in women’s wrestling within the WWE main roster.