WWE: Fans need to continue to push for Naomi

Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com
Naomi, WWE SmackDown Feb 14. Credit: WWE.com /

WWE fans need to keep up the movement for Naomi.

Dear Glow Mob, I just want to make you all aware in advance that this article isn’t going to be what you all think it’s going to be. I already know what you’re expecting me to say. But, hold on. Do me a favor and trust me, OK? Cool.

OK. Take a breath for me. We’re gonna get through this together. You ready? OK.

Let’s be completely honest. 2020 has been a rough year for us all in some way.

In the case of wrestling and wrestling fans, if it wasn’t a sea of wrestlers being released at the same time, it was the overall impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on virtually every wrestling promotion and everybody’s lives.

Naomi is now a 10-year veteran, and she’s had a relatively useless feud with Lacey Evans (someone with a growing history of micro-aggressive vibes). She’s beaten the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion at least twice, and luckily for her, she’s had a strong fan base that has her back and willing to fight for her to receive better in that company for as long as it takes.

#NaomiDeservesBetter has now trended multiple times just this year alone. The latest example being September 11, 2020.

Somebody not hearing me. It trended yet again!

I saw it coming. I don’t know how, but somehow I saw it coming a mile away.

WWE fans wanted to see Naomi in the No. 1 Contender’s match

I was watching SmackDown like everyone else, and then I saw that graphic for the Fatal Four-way to determine the No. 1 Contender who will face the SmackDown Women’s Champion for the title at Clash of Champions.

I didn’t think a whole lot of it for a second until I noticed that Naomi was nowhere on it. Not only that, but she wasn’t on the episode at all on her 10-year anniversary.

That’s when I immediately ran to Twitter because I knew the glow mob was going off!  And I was right! ** Giggles**

They have a right. The fans do have a solid case as to why Naomi should not only get her championship opportunity, but also why she should become the SmackDown Women’s Champion (again) at some point. Naomi is the obvious choice!

So, while the Glow Mob was hilariously tearing up the Twitter streets, I was sitting back laughing and watching all the madness. Just ripping Twitter up!

Now somebody in the mob is wondering why I was laughing. What was funny about that? Why was I laughing?

Everybody else around here mad as hell, and I’m just getting my life. I’ll tell you why.

The timing of it all. None of this feels like, this is it. Does September feel like it’s it for Naomi, to you? Truly? Deep in your soul?

When should Naomi challenge for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Title?

Nope. Not to me.

And this is what really sent me — the people they selected.

Lacey Evans? Seriously? Tamina? Nikki Cross? Alexa Bliss? None of these were serious contenders to me.

That sent all kinds of signals to my brain not to even take this upcoming championship match seriously. It’s not going to mean anything anyway. It’s no offense to Nikki Cross cause I like Nikki. But, she’s had how many opportunities again?

Yeah. The whole thing is a no for me.  It’s better we all wait a tad longer. I know that’s something a lot of people aren’t going to want to hear, and I completely understand.

I heard everybody’s points about why she should’ve been in that match. They’re all valid. But, if she gets that championship now, she won’t have it past December. I’m quite positive of that.

This whole booking is actually going to be pretty tricky.

I don’t want her title reign to be short because what was the point? I’m scared of her having a lengthy title reign because once she loses it, she might not touch that title again (or at least anytime soon). That’s pretty much what happened to Kofi.

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Her fans have every right to continue the movement for Naomi. But, they shouldn’t continue to give this upcoming championship match any more energy. With Sasha Banks lingering and rumors of a draft, it’s really hard for me to say exactly when she should challenge for a title.

I think we should all just continue to “watch this space”, as Rachel Maddow likes to say.

Just keep reminding WWE of what the fans want.

Something’s happening with Naomi. Not sure exactly what, but it’s extremely unlikely that this is over.