WWE Raw Results, Grades: Drew McIntyre, Keith Lee interrupted

WWE, Drew McIntyre (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)
WWE, Drew McIntyre (Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images) /

Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre’s high-stakes main event on WWE Raw didn’t go as planned.

On the special “In Your Face” edition of WWE Raw, champions clash while others look to maintain their illustrious reputations. Keith Lee battles WWE Champion Drew McIntyre with championship match implications.

The Street Profits Vs. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Grade: A

The first match of the evening featured the Street Profits against Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura in a “Champions vs Champions” match. Cesaro immediately slugged at Angelo Dawkins before tagging Nakamura in for a double team move. The Profits gained control shortly thereafter with their own series of electrifying maneuvers.

In the climax of the match, Angelo Dawkins tagged himself in as Cesaro unleashed a top rope suplex on Montez Ford to hit a frog splash and secure the pinfall.

In this interbrand contest, both teams displayed fluid chemistry and exceptional tag moves to keep the match exciting. Ford and Dawkins managed to fend off the fast-paced and hard-hitting styles of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions to pull off a spectacular victory.

Ricochet Vs. Cedric Alexander

Grade: B

Next up was Ricochet against former ally Cedric Alexander. After some words, Ricochet hammered away on Cedric Alexander and even performed a dive to the outside. Alexander gained control in-ring with a technical approach alongside some hard strikes.

In the climax of the match, a distraction from Benjamin helped Alexander to hit the Lumbar Check for the victory.

Alexander proved his worth as the newest member of the Hurt Business, wearing down Ricochet with takedowns alongside other ground moves. He would also take advantage of his newfound allies to edge the match in his favor.

Asuka Vs. Mickie James

Grade: B

Asuka put her Raw Women’s Championship on the line against Mickie James. The two would lock up around the ring until James attempted brief pins. Asuka regained control with a knee strike following a quick exchange, although James would easily counter her quick attacks.

In the climax of the match, the referee decided that James could not continue after an Asuka Lock despite not officially submitting. He would then award the victory to Asuka.

Mickie James and Asuka kept each other on edge all throughout this championship encounter. They would see eye-to-eye with their usual brand of moves, though the ending of the match may be called into question.

Erik Vs. Bobby Lashley

Grade: C

Bobby Lashley destroyed Erik in the corner to begin the match. The latter shortly gained control with an elbow and double knee strike. Lashley used a few slams to weaken Erik until unleashing the Hurt Lock on his opponent for the win.

While brief, this match put Bobby Lashley’s dominant mean streak on full display. Erik attempted his own fast offense only to submit the victory in the conclusion.

Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik Mysterio

Grade: A

The “Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins looked to conclude his vicious feud against Dominik Mysterio in a steel cage. Rollins feigned a lockup with Mysterio until the latter utilized a quick leg sweep. Seth then turned the tide with a kendo stick and using the cage environment to his advantage.

In the climax of the match, Rollins hit a series of Curb Stomps to gain the ultimate victory.

Seth proved to be too much for Dominik, maintaining a lethal offense and fending off any possible interference. The two adversaries kept the chaos inside the cage for a thrilling conclusion to their longstanding war.

Kevin Owens Vs. Aleister Black

Grade: B

Aleister Black ambushed Kevin Owens in the ring to kick off the match. Despite a burst of offense from KO, Black established control with corner attacks and by targeting his opponent’s injured knee.

In the climax of the match, KO unleashed a quick stunner for the pinfall victory.

Black’s methodical approach dominated the duration, keeping Kevin Owens significantly weakened. KO managed to withstand the onslaught to secure the win.

The Riott Squad Vs. Natalya and Lana

Grade: C

Natalya lunged at Liv with clotheslines before tagging to Lana for a tag maneuver. Liv entered the fray shortly thereafter while Ruby hit the Riott Kick for the pinfall victory.

Ruby and Liv used their alliance to its full potential for this contest, using tag moves to decimate Lana while keeping Natalya out of sight. Their camaraderie could prove useful for a future Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Keith Lee

Grade: B

The main event featured Drew McIntyre against the “Limitless” Keith Lee. Lee immediately isolated McIntyre in the corner and knocked him to the outside shortly thereafter. He continued to target the weakened jaw of the WWE Champion as the former displayed momentary offense.

In the climax of the match, Retribution suddenly arrived to destroy the two opponents. The Hurt Business then arrived to settle the score as Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre dived into the chaos.

Lee focused on the damaged jaw of McIntyre to keep the advantage, also utilizing an impressive set of power moves. McIntyre attempted to hang on with major moves of his own.

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September 14th Raw Results

  • The Street Profits defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall
  • Cedric Alexander defeated Ricochet via pinfall
  • Asuka defeated Mickie James via referee stoppage
  • Bobby Lashley defeated Erik via submission
  • Seth Rollins defeated Dominik Mysterio via pinfall
  • Kevin Owens defeated Aleister Black via pinfall
  • The Riott Squad defeated Natalya and Lana via pinfall
  • Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee ended in a no contest