WWE Raw: The Seth Rollins vs. Murphy feud has seemingly begun

WWE, Murphy Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Murphy Credit: WWE.com /

Seth Rollins was irate with Murphy after losing in a tag match at Payback, but he saved his most vile actions for this week’s WWE Raw.

Since destroying Rey Mysterio’s eye at the beginning of the summer, Seth Rollins has been even more volatile on WWE Raw than ever before. His character as the Monday Night Messiah might be a representation of his finest heel work to date, but after forming a huge main event-caliber stable on Monday nights, Rollins is set to walk alone.

The relationship between Murphy and Rollins was already strained after Murphy’s ill-timed kick at Payback, which costed his team the match against Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

On the Sept. 14 episode of WWE Raw, Rollins had a steel cage match against Dominik. Before the match, it seemed like Murphy had gotten back on Rollins’ good side, as Rollins kept talking about forgiveness and the future and struck a warm tone when speaking with a fearful Murphy, who had been brutalized by the Mysterio family the week before.

Instead, Rollins quickly turned angry, slapping Murphy in the face and choking him. Although irate and told clearly by Rollins not to help him out and to stay in the back, Murphy came out and helped Rollins defeat Mysterio in the steel cage match. He even supplied the former Universal Champion with weapons.

Murphy is a future star on WWE Raw

Once again, Rollins, after basking in the victory, appeared to be grateful to Murphy for his help in the match. And again, he quickly shifted, beating the hell out of Murphy, using the steel cage to inflict maximium punishment on his former disciple.

The last we saw of Murphy, after Rollins walked out to the back, was him choking on all fours.

WWE fans know Murphy is a future star. He was a great Cruiserweight Champion and has been a standout in matches on the main roster, whether they have been involving the Mysterios or, earlier on SmackDown, Roman Reigns.

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Now, Murphy and Rollins appear to be headed for some classics on WWE Raw. Fans have been watching out for this breakup and enuing feud for weeks – if not months – and it appears we’re now on the path to that rivalry this Fall.