AEW: 3 wrestlers Miro could have his first feud against

AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)
AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images) /
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Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes is out and away from a wrestling ring because of the show in the above video, but the news shared across is that he is injured and rejuvenating. It is a way to keep the fans emotions in place and entice them for a return by The American Nightmare.

We know that Miro is in the company and he would like to take on the person that started the company that has a lot of WWE Superstars at prominent positions or with the gold. Miro is a superstar that wouldn’t back down from a fight, and one needs to look at it as an opportunity to make a mark for self.

A feud with Rhodes will help Miro become a credible and indestructible force because the company has stated that Cody is nursing an injury and if so then an attack by Miro on Rhodes at the latter’s home will spice the animosity between the two. We know that the two didn’t get an opportunity to showcase their skills under Vince & Co, but here Rhodes gets to call the shots so a story between the two will be phenomenal.

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We need to see how soon will that come to fruition.