WWE NXT Results, Grades: Damian Priest kicks off his merciless reign

WWE NXT, Damian Priest, Pete Dunne Photo: WWE.com
WWE NXT, Damian Priest, Pete Dunne Photo: WWE.com /

The full results, highlights, and grades from this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

Coming off a series of spectacular WWE NXT Super Tuesdays, new champions establish themselves while others look to reclaim their former accolades. Damian Priest looks to retain his North American Championship against the hard-hitting Timothy Thatcher.

Io Shirai Vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Grade: B

The first match of the evening featured Shotzi Blackheart against the NXT Women’s Champion, Io Shirai. Blackheart would initially disorient the champ through submissions until Shirai unleashed a major dive to pull the match in her favor. Once inside the ring, the champ wore down her opponent with her own constricting holds.

In the climax of the contest, an Over the Moon Moonsault from Shirai allowed her to secure the pinfall victory.

Shotzi Blackheart was a true warrior throughout the match, devastating the champion with her high octane style while withstanding Io Shirai’s tremendous offense. The two displayed a never-say-die attitude in pursuit of the win.

Tommaso Ciampa Vs. Desmond Troy

Grade: C

Tommaso Ciampa would keep his opponent in a brutal headlock until Troy unleashed a short burst of offense. Ciampa then mercilessly destroyed his opponent with a turnbuckle shot and a rope hung DDT for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Jake Atlas appeared to deny his involvement in the assault on Ciampa. He would then challenge Ciampa to a match for the following week.

While brief, this match put the Blackheart’s vicious style on full display. His well-known intensity prepares him for a return to the NXT Championship scene.

Austin Theory Vs. Kushida

Grade: B

Kushida initially opted for takedowns and an armbar attempt until Austin Theory used the ring ropes for a major attack. Theory attempted to maintain control of the contest as his opponent unleashed a series of ferocious kicks. A failed strike to the ring post allowed Kushida to further weaken Austin, leading to an in-ring armbar for the submission victory.

This match featured several momentum shifts in a short span of time. Kushida displayed a newer, more relentless style to achieve a decisive win.

Breezango Vs. Imperium

Grade: A

The new NXT Tag Team Champions Breezango defended their newly won titles against Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Barthel began his assault with vicious stomps and denied Fandango any chance of recovery as Aichner entered the fray. The duo continued to keep him isolated with quick and effective tag maneuvers until Fandango mustered a big clothesline to alter the momentum.

In the climax of the match, a failed tag team powerbomb from Imperium allowed Breeze to achieve a quick rollup for the victory.

Imperium managed to keep the momentum in their corner for most of the match, isolating the champs while decimating them with several unforgiving attacks. Breezango would eventually turn the tide in a display of grace and fluidity to retain their championships.

Jessi Kamea and Xia Li Vs. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

Grade:  B

Carter began the match by wearing down Li before tagging in Catanzaro for a swift move. She would display excellent chemistry with her tag partner until Li reentered the match. Carter then unleashed a series of fast moves before assisting Kacy for an astounding pinfall combination.

Kayden Carter was the MVP of this match, dealing most of the damage and allowing Kacy to take over in small intervals. Kamea and Li were unable to answer for the devastating and unique duo.

Killian Dain and Drake Maverick Vs. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish

Grade: C

Killian Dain would not appear alongside Drake Maverick, leading him to start the match in a handicap capacity. Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish took advantage of the absence by dealing major damage to Maverick’s body throughout the duration. Killian Dain initially appeared to mock Drake until Roderick Strong’s words forced him to enter the match.

In the climax of the match, a chair shot from Bobby Fish forced a disqualification. Dain then attacked his partner after a brief standoff.

Maverick attempted to hold his own despite the Undisputed Era’s seemingly comfortable approach to the match. Killian Dain’s inclusion forced the treacherous team to attempt a wily move in an unsuccessful pursuit of victory.

Damian Priest Vs. Timothy Thatcher

Grade: A

Timothy Thatcher began the match by locking Damian Priest’s left arm while using brutal knee strikes. Priest then assumed his own technical approach with arm drags and arm locks. The two picked up the pace mid-match in a showing of major strikes as the champion gained and attempted to retain the advantage.

Towards the conclusion, Damian hit the Reckoning to retain his title.

This match was a technical showcase for the ages, with both opponents pulling out all the stops to achieve supremacy over the other. Priest’s resilience and drive to win ensures that he will hold the North American Championship for a very long time.

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September 14th NXT Results

  • Io Shirai defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall
  • Tommaso Ciampa defeated Desmond Troy via pinfall
  • Kushida defeated Austin Theory via submission
  • Breezango defeated Imperium to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships via pinfall
  • Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter defeated Jessi Kavea and Xia Li via pinfall
  • Killian Dain and Drake Maverick defeated Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish via disqualification
  • Damian Priest defeated Timothy Thatcher to retain the North American Championship via pinfall