WWE Raw 5 Burning Questions: Is the Hurt Business the best part of the show?

WWE, MVP (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images)
WWE, MVP (Photo By Bill Clark/Roll Call/Getty Images) /
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Has Murphy turned babyface?

Murphy has been Seth Rollins’ disciple for several months, but he has very little to show for it. The former Cruiserweight Champion has done everything he can to aid his false prophet in his twisted fantasies of serving the “Greater Good” of Monday Night Raw, but he has no individual success to speak of thus far.

At Payback, Murphy and Rollins lost a tag team match against Dominik and Rey Mysterio, as Murphy accidentally kicked Rollins. As you’d expect, Seth was irate, and it seemed like their partnership would be over.

Then this week, Murphy and Rollins were backstage, with Rollins seemingly forgiving Murphy for his error. But it was another ruse from the unpredictable Monday Night Messiah. Rollins slapped and choked out Murphy, yelling at him to make sure he didn’t try to help in the steel cage match between Rollins and Dominik.

Murphy did help and to great effect, as his assistance played a role in Rollins defeating Dominik. But Rollins was still enraged and beat up Murphy at ringside viciously.

After the loss at Payback, Murphy was still clearly a heel, but he was humbled by the Mysterios in a Raw-closing beatdown last week. This week, he asked for mercy from Rollins and received none. In my eyes, Murphy’s transition to being a babfyace is complete.