Why Mandy Rose moving to WWE Raw is best for business

WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mandy Rose Photo Credit: WWE.com /

Mandy Rose is now a part of WWE Raw. Let it sink in!

Mandy Rose’s shift from the blue to the red brand came as a shock when the Most Must-See superstar of WWE, The Miz, decided to break the news during the recent episode of WWE Talking Smack. Mandy Rose won her Loser Leaves WWE match against Sonya Deville at SummerSlam.

Fire and Desire was a great team, but it looked like the company had no option for them after SummerSlam. In an attempt to make Mandy Rose worth the TV time and give Sonya Deville a pop on return WWE decided to send Mandy Rose on her way to the flagship show of the company.

It is an extension to the ongoing Otis- The Miz feud because as the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion stated he wanted Otis to focus on his opportunity to be the Universal Champion down the line.

A storyline involving The Miz is the way to build a character and superstar’s overall persona because we have seen the former WWE Champion transform careers with his antics.
It is also an indication that WWE has a lot of faith in Otis, and that is why he is in a storyline with The Miz. The former Diva Search host has helped Alex Riley, B-Team members Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas make way for their success.

Mandy Rose can work her way to the top of WWE Raw

There is nothing to worry about because Mandy knows how to play her cards to perfection, and she has shown her vicious side at SummerSlam. If Sonya Deville does return in any shape on Raw, then the feud from the blue brand can be carried on for a long time, and the fans will get some entertainment come their way.

Sonya Deville’s return may be in question, but Mandy Rose can be a great asset to help Lana and Natalya get some quality time on TV. Rose has the skills to help Raw because she can talk and perform well between the ropes and on the mic.

A feud with a superstar like Zelina Vega will be helpful for Raw because this will be a new feud and if the two women could work well we may have a new dimension in the Raw Women’s Division, and Championship match as Clash of Champions draws closer.

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It will also impact Raw in a better manner because if Deville decides to return, a feud between Rose and Deville will keep the fans involved. We know that the company has gold by its side in this story, and they would want to cash on it.