AEW: 5 potential singles feuds for Kenny Omega

AEW, Kenny Omega Photo: Lee South/AEW
AEW, Kenny Omega Photo: Lee South/AEW /
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Jon Moxley

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

Some things are just inevitable. One of those things is Kenny Omega being the AEW World Champion. It’s been inevitable since the formation of All Elite Wrestling.

The AEW World Championship, despite having such a short history and just two champions, is one of the most prestigious professional wrestling championships in the world, and that’s because the two men that have held it so far, have been the best wrestlers in the world with that title on their shoulder.

Le Champion Chris Jericho became the first-ever AEW World Champion in 2019, and he also won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Wrestler of the Year that same year. Jon Moxley, who’s been the champ since early 2020, was featured in PWI 500’s list as the no. 1 ranked wrestler in the world. So, it’s pretty obvious, the AEW World Championship has some pretty high standards and the man who takes the title from Moxley, will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

One guy who’ll have no problem filling those shoes is the wrestling god himself, Kenneth Omega. Kenny is probably the only guy right now who can believably take the title from a red-hot Moxley, once he slips back into his Cleaner skin. AEW did the right thing by not taking the more predictable route of putting the title on Omega at the very start of the promotion, but now is the perfect time to pull the V-Trigger on the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

Omega and Moxley already have a violent history, and will have no problem reigniting their feud for the world title. Also, a point worth noting is that it was the loss to Moxley at Full Gear that arguably derailed things the most for Omega. Omega can mention that and attack Moxley and make a statement that it was Moxley who disrupted everything for Omega so it has to be Moxley who sets things right, by staring at the lights and making The Cleaner the new king of AEW.

Things would come back full circle and this time Omega would beat Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion and be the ace of AEW that he was always supposed to be.