AEW: Miro teases making a future appearance in NJPW

AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images)
AEW, Miro (Photo by Lukas Schulze/Bongarts/Getty Images) /

Miro has signed with AEW, but he says he isn’t restricted to working with just one promotion.

In modern pro wrestling, the name of the game is collaboration. Wrestling fans are looking forward to seeing the big promotions outside of WWE – namely AEW, NJPW, Impact Wrestling, ROH, and NWA – working together.

Miro is one of the latest big names to switch from WWE to AEW, and fans are still buzzing after his debut on the Sept. 9 episode of Dynamite in which he appeared as Kip Sabian’s best man. The future is bright for the former Rusev, who was once one of the most over babyfaces in WWE before Vince McMahon blatantly (and likely deliberately) dropped the ball on an organically rising star in his company.

In his latest Twitch stream, Miro teased making an appearance in NJPW, stating that his contract with AEW doesn’t restrict him from working with other promotions.

Here’s the quote, via’s Sai Mohan:

"“Despite signing a contract, I am not restricted to AEW alone. While I am not going to name any promotions, I’ll just say I’m allowed to work in different countries. Maybe a country where the sun rises? You’ll just have to wait and see.”"

Who could Miro challenge in NJPW?

And we will certainly wait and see with excitement. Miro wrestling in other promotions would be a treat, and we have already seen another big naem in AEW, world champion Jon Moxley, wrestle in NJPW simultaneously as the company’s IWGP United States Champion.

Miro could hold that same belt in New Japan, too, as he is a former three-time WWE United States Champion. But we all know the AEW World Champion is the most prestigious belt in Miro’s future, perhaps even in his near future.

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It’s still an exciting time to be a pro wrestling fan, because it feels like anything could happen. Miro suddenly showing up in NJPW to challenge Tetsuya Naito? It sounds wild, but it’s not impossible either. If Miro can raise his star power beyond what it was in WWE, then you never know how high he can go.