Analyzing Becky Lynch’s Biggest Feuds: The Beginning With Alexa Bliss

WWE, Becky Lynch (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)
WWE, Becky Lynch (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) /

The first post in a series breaking down Becky Lynch’s greatest WWE feuds, starting with Alexa Bliss.

A little over two years ago, Becky Lynch was regarded as the least successful of the Four Horsewomen by quite a few wrestling fans. Now two years, an infamous slap, a WWE WrestleMania Main Event, and a #Becky2Belts later, “The Man” is finally getting the recognition she deserves.   Has Becky always been this good? Simple answer. Yes. However, where’s the challenge in a simple answer?

In this article (and a couple of others to make it a full series) I will be reviewing and analyzing five of Becky’s best Main Roster Feuds.

First up: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss.

Becky Lynch’s first rivalry on SmackDown

During the initial brand split in 2016, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan chose Becky as their first female draft pick for SmackDown Live, referring to her as “The best female superstar”.  On the August 9, 2016 episode of what was then known as SmackDown Live, Becky Lynch was scheduled for a one on one match against Eva Marie. However, Eva Marie would have a “wardrobe malfunction”, and a frustrated Becky Lynch issued an Open Challenge. Cue Alexa Bliss answering the challenge.

Alexa Bliss had just been drafted to SmackDown from NXT, what we often refer to as a main roster call up (or “call across” in the past year or so). She was determined to prove her self and to take over the Blue Brand. And what better way to do it than to take on SmackDown’s first female draft pick, one-fourth of WWE’s Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch?

The match that followed would be a standard one, with Alexa being the vicious heel out to prove that she is better than the Straight Fire Lass Kicker that was Becky Lynch. This match, for both women, was the starting point to prove themselves. For Alexa, it was to prove that she belonged on the main roster. For Becky, it was to prove to the doubters and the naysayers that she earned her spot as SmackDown’s No. 1 female draft pick.

This match would end with Alexa hitting the Twisted Bliss (her first-ever on the main roster) to pin Becky after a distraction from Eva Marie. What followed would be a series of matches between the two women leading up to a six-pack challenge where Becky would be crowned as the first SmackDown Women’s Champion at the Backlash Show that same year (2016).

I wasn’t born to become a champion, I worked to be a champion… 

On the Sept. 20, 2016, episode of SmackDown Live, SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, and Number 1 contender Alexa Bliss had a contract Signing for what was supposed to be a match at the No Mercy PPV  that year. A contract signing that gave us one of the most memorable Becky Lynch Promos before she Became The Man.

During this contract signing, Alexa would tell the Lass Kicker that her role in life was not to be a champion but rather the “Woman that succeeds, then fails miserably”. Alexa’s jabs at Becky’s Insecurities wouldn’t end there, as she followed this up by telling her opponent that she was “Born to be a Loser”, and calling Becky the “Lovable superstar that never quite gets it”.

The Irish superstar would respond to this with a fiery promo telling Alexa (and subsequently, the world) that, true to Alexa’s words, she wasn’t born to be a champion, she was born to “Live in a small house by the side of the road in Dublin”. She was born to work a job she didn’t like, and “barely make ends meet“.

She wasn’t born to be a champion, but she wanted to be a champion more than anything so she worked until she could raise a championship above her head. She wasn’t born to be a champion, she fought to be a champion.

An Unfortunate Change of Plans

Becky was initially supposed to defend her championship against Alexa at the No Mercy PPV in 2016, however, that match would be moved to a SmackDown show in Glasgow after The  Lass Kicker was unable to compete at No Mercy due to an “out-of-work” Injury. After successfully defending her championship against Alexa on the Nov. 8, 2016, episode in Glasgow, Scotland, she would eventually lose the title to Little Miss Bliss at the TLC PPV in a Tables Match.

The two women would continue their feud until Jan. 17, 2017, where a returning Mickie James would help Alexa retain her championship in a steel cage match. After this Becky would move on to a feud with Mickie, whereas Alexa would feud with Naomi.

A Long Road Traveled

Four years down the line, these two incredible superstars have come so far in their Careers. Alexa is multiple time SmackDown and Raw Women’s Champion, as well as a two-time women’s tag team champion.

Becky became THE MAN and in so doing Main Evented WrestleMania (One of 3 women) for the first time ever, where she became Becky Two Belts  (again the first woman to hold the two championships at the same time). While she’d lose the SmackDown Women’s Championship shortly after,  she would hold the Raw women’s Championship for 398 days, becoming the longest-reigning Raw Women’s Champion.

The reign would be cut short on the Raw after Money in the Bank 2020, where Becky would cut an emotional promo telling Miss Money in The Bank, Asuka, that the match she had won the previous night was not for the traditional Money in the Bank contract, but rather for the RAW women’s championship.  “You go and be a warrior, cause I’m gonna go be a mother” is still a line that gets me a little (okay, a lot) misty-eyed.

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The Man, and…Sister Abigail?

Alexa and Becky have come so far in their careers and I can not wait to see what is the future hold for these two amazing Women. Alexa is doing incredible in her current storyline , and I’m sure If Becky decides to make a return after her child is born, she will quickly remind us why she was an integral part of women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Well, that’s it for part one of Remembering Becky Lynch’s Greatest Feuds… Next up,  Becky Lynch vs Natalya.

See you then…