Sasha Banks’ New Babyface Merch Is Out, And It Looks Great

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Kathryn Page/Getty Images for BET)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by Kathryn Page/Getty Images for BET) /

Sasha Banks usually has the best merchandise in WWE, and her new babyface T-Shirt is no exception.

Once again, fan-favorite Sasha Banks is a babyface in WWE after Bayley betrayed her on the post-Payback episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Now, Banks is on a quest to both get revenge on her former best friend and tag partner, as well as obtain the SmackDown Women’s Championship for the first time in her illustrious career.

WWE fans are ready to cheer boisterously for The Blueprint on the Sept. 18 episode of SmackDown, where her appearance in addressing Bayley’s actions has been advertised heavily across all platforms – including during NFL games.

Not to miss out on the opportunity to promote their top babyface on Friday nights, WWE Shope has released the first T-Shirt of the babyface run for Sasha Banks.

That’s another very clean shirt for Sasha, who usually has the best merchandise in the company alongside Finn Balor.

Sasha Banks has the best nicknames

The Standard. The Blueprint. The Legit Boss. Golden letters, great font, baby blue theme, and Sasha Banks emblazoned on the back of the shirt. Perfect.

WWE shirts are best when the make use of different color schemes on that standard black background, and the gold and white letters with blue work perfectly for the Legit Boss. And notice. Legit Boss. Not just “Boss”. Legit Boss.

It will be exciting to see how WWE books Banks as a babyface during this rivalry with Bayley and how they tell this story. Will the title switch happen at Hell in a Cell? A little bit later? Maybe in 2021 at WrestleMania 37 after Sasha wins the Royal Rumble? Can we wait that long?

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There are a lot of questions, but it’s clear that Sasha Banks fans are ready to check out this new shirt and support the Boss along whatever path takes her to the SmackDown Women’s Title. She’s waited too long to hold that blue belt for the first time.