Seth Rollins vs. Buddy Murphy will be must-see TV

WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)
WWE, Seth Rollins (Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images) /

The anticipated Buddy Murphy versus Seth Rollins match is going to give fans excellent matches. 

Months ago Seth Rollins took Buddy Murphy by his side after the latter struggled with being unable to best Aleister Black. Murphy became Rollin’s disciple and the two looked to take over Monday Night Raw. When Murphy debuted on the main roster he impressed the WWE Universe and looked like someone ready to big matches. The partnership with Rollins and Murphy would not last forever as Rollins shunned his disciple with a vicious beating on Monday. Now we are headed for a heated rivalry that will put two amazing performers at odds in the ring.

Stylistically, Murphy and Rollins are an interesting pair that will play off of each other well. They both have the potential to create innovative sequences that can lead to techniques that viewers haven’t seen before. Plus, they can play off of the idea that they’ve been paired together for so long and know each other well. Well enough that their typical movesets will not be enough to get the job done. That alone should give fans something to be excited for with this developing feud.

Then there’s the story waiting to be told. Murphy is another example of a talent that has been overlooked since being called up to the main roster. Roollins can use that to push the idea that Murphy is not good enough to be a main roster star and that he will always be beneath someone like Rollins. That would be all the motivation that Murphy would need to put on his best matches against the former champion.

Murphy has not got the push that he deserved while working as the henchman for Rollins, but a feud with the top-tier superstar on Monday Nights will put him in a better position. With the feud with Dominick Mysterio in the rearview mirror, Rollins and Murphy should move in the new direction that gives them the opportunity to put on excellent matches together. It will help the former 205 Live member become a credible force to be reckoned with and help him rise the performance ladder.

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