WWE: 5 possible feuds for Cedric Alexander

WWE, Cedric Alexander (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)
WWE, Cedric Alexander (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images) /
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After several weeks of courting by The Hurt Business, Cedric Alexander turned on Ricochet to officially join them

Cedric Alexander has been known as “The Soul” since his 205 Live days. Always a good guy, taking whatever WWE gave to him from having a WrestleMania match to be a perennial mainstay on Main Event. He teamed up with Ricochet and they could have been a top tag team if WWE actually liked tag team wrestling.

Alexander has had a steady diet of losses and The Hurt Business kept coaxing him to leave his good guy ways behind. After losing yet again, Alexander had enough. He turned on his good pals Ricochet and Apollo Crews in their match against MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin.

Later on “The VIP Lounge”, Alexander explained his actions. After suffering multiple losses, Alexander wants to “learn…and earn”. He pointed out that Ricochet’s nickname is “One and Only” and asked “what about me?” He also wondered why he was sacrificing himself for Crews’ championship opportunities.

Now that Alexander is heel, there are new possibilities for feuds.

5. Ricochet and Crews

This is the most obvious feud. He already had a match with Ricochet after turning on him. “The One and Only” hasn’t cooled off at all since he was betrayed. They had a tense back and forth that ultimately ended after a vicious lumbar check from the Alexander Institute of Chiropractic Medicine.

Something tells us that Ricochet won’t be content with a loss. He’ll be looking for…RETRIBUTION (not that one, the other one). We will probably get an extended feud between this two, especially with it taking place on RAW. They have a history of having the same matches over and over and over.

Although Alexander physically turned on Ricochet, he turned on Crews too. Crews will want his own payback. They probably wouldn’t get a long feud, but a best of three series would be just long enough and hopefully a satisfactory way to close this story.