AEW: 9/23/2020 Results and Grades: Late Night Dynamite

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Full results and grades from this special one-hour AEW Dynamite.

With all of the NBA Playoff madness going on, AEW was given an extra full hour of programming dubbed “Late Night Dynamite”. When it was initially announced, a lot of questions were up in the air about the hour.

Could this attract NBA Playoff viewers? How many (if any) big names/matches should be included? Could this be a preview of when that third hour of Dynamite could be taking place and how it would be structured?

Well, for that third question, whenever that third hour airs, it definitely won’t be as late as when this episode eventually aired. The episode started a little after 12:30 am. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what the ratings are not just for this show, but for the program that preceded it, Inside the NBA, as I’m sure there were plenty of viewers tuning in just to see if Dynamite is on yet.

Regardless of when it aired, the show still had three matches, so let’s look at them all.

Scorpio Sky vs Benjamin Carter

Result: Scorpio Sky pins Benjamin Carter

This was an interesting matchup, as Sky had been dominating on Dark to prepare for a singles run until fairly recently, and Carter has been making waves with his recent Dark matches against Ricky Starks and Lee Johnson (the latter of which aired earlier that night). The match itself was explosive and fun, with plenty of quick maneuvers. With this being Carter’s big chance on TV, he did an excellent job at showing off his skills, and his and Sky’s move-sets complimented each other wonderfully. After numerous near falls, Sky picked up the win and the two showed that a face vs face test of strength match can work really well.

Grade: A

Between almost immediately introducing Chris Jericho on commentary (practically a household name in terms of modern wrestlers) and having such an attention-grabbing match first, AEW definitely did their best to keep the NBA fans still watching from going to bed and wake up any sleepy AEW fans tuning in. Hopefully, this will build more momentum for a great Scorpio Sky singles run, and perhaps a Benjamin Carter signing. Tony Khan, if you are reading this, please make it so.