AEW: 9/23/2020 Results and Grades: Late Night Dynamite

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Anna Jay vs. Brandi Rhodes

Result: Anna Jay wins by submission

This match had the most story behind it, as Brandi was trying to get revenge for the Dark Order’s prior attack on Cody, with Anna Jay attacking her specifically. After a successful face vs face match, it was interesting to have Brandi come out of the heel side, thus making this a heel vs heel match. Brandi’s character has seemingly been switching back and forth a lot in recent memory, but given what happened to her before the match, it would have made perfect sense for her to be a face here.

The action in this match was solid, and the two wrestlers did a great job of making the viewer believe that they hate each other. At one point, Brandi hit Anna with the Shot of Brandi, but the referee was distracted by Stu Grayson and Evil Uno, thus allowing Anna Jay to escape. The timing of the Dark Order coming out when they did was a little too convenient – they perhaps could have just stayed at ringside, and it does force me to wonder why no one from the Nightmare Family was with Brandi – but it did do a good job at showing the Dark Order’s devious nature.

It was neat to see Anna Jay win the match, especially with a submission hold with a name as cool as “The Queen Slayer”. Conversely, Brandi being knocked out rather than tapping out really showed her resolve and desire to still get her vengeance.

Grade: B+

Anna Jay is proving to be a very interesting player in the Women’s Division. Between this feud with Brandi, her joining the Dark Order, and her friendship with Tay Conti, there’s a lot to be excited about.