WWE: Zelina Vega as Raw women’s champion would be a great change

WWE Raw, Zelina Vega, Andrade Photo: WWE.com
WWE Raw, Zelina Vega, Andrade Photo: WWE.com /

Zelina Vega as Raw women’s champion opens up multiple doors to new storylines and feuds across both the men and women’s divisions.

The WWE Women’s division has been one of the shining lights of professional wrestling during the COVID-era. Sasha Banks and Bayley have torn it up for months, but do not forget that Asuka has reminded everyone that she is among the best in the industry as well. Coming into WWE Clash of Champions on Sunday, she has a surprising challenger in Zelina Vega. Vega should be the underdog heading into the match, but her winning the title would be a surprising change that could light a fire on the red brand.

During her WWE run Vega has carved out a space as one of the best talkers in the organization. She has mostly been in the position of managing multiple wrestlers, such as Andrade and Angel Garza. But do not forget that she can go once the bell rings.

In two years, she has had 67 matches, but very few where she is shown what she can do as a singles performer. Much of her career has been as a tag team performer, such as the run she put together with Rosita when they won the TNA Knockouts tag team belts back in 2011. WWE fans may not recognize it, but Vega comes with more than a decade of experience in the business. She may be an underdog on the cards, but that does not mean she is out of this match before it begins.

There should be an “unknown factor” sold about Vega coming into this match. Asuka, just like the rest of the women’s roster, has not seen much of Vega in the ring. The story is there to tell that Vega would use this to her advantage, potentially catching Asuka in a surprise victory. With this match scheduled for the pre-show, a victory for Vega also creates the incentive for viewers to not miss pre-show matches, which are often considered throw-away fodder.

On top of this idea, there’s value in putting the belt on Vega in sudden fashion. First, there is the opportunity to do something different with Asuka. Outside of the Four Horsewomen WWE has struggled to make anyone seem like a formidable contender to her. Many thought that would come with Shayna Baszler, but WWE Creative has decided to plug her into the tag team picture with Nia Jax. Asuka does not have to immediately chase after Vega if she took the belt, but it creates the space to do something different at the top of the women’s card.

Then, there is the story that could be told involving Garza and Andrade. Vega finally became fed up with their bickering, kicking them to the curb and moving on to her singles career. In the first major moment to follow, allowing Vega to secure the women’s title gives her all the bragging rights in the world. Imagine Garza and Andrade begging to get her back in their corner to help them as they continue to struggle. Maybe Vega says yes, or maybe she finds new individuals to represent to take over the main roster. Either way, there is a story to tell there that would be intriguing to see.

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Change is not always a bad thing. Asuka remains one of the most important women in wrestling and especially within the WWE. However, seeing Zelina Vega take the title from her at Clash of Champions on Sunday would be open a host of options that are different from what we have seen in recent months, if not longer.