Impact Wrestling: Two stars sever ties with the promotion

Impact Wrestling, Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Impact Wrestling, Rob Van Dam, Katie Forbes (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Impact Wrestling has come to terms on the release of ECW original Rob Van Dam as well as current Knockouts roster member Katie Forbes.

It was reported earlier today by Mike Johnson at that Impact Wrestling stars Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes have come to terms on the release from their contracts and will no longer be appearing for the company.

The report, which was later confirmed by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Editor In Cheif, Dave Meltzer, and Sean Ross Sapp of states that the separation is due to their current storyline with former World Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan ending.

RVD when speaking to Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone said that he has no current obligations to the company.

Van Dam, reportedly, had not been under contract for some time and was working on a pay per appearance deal in the interim. Not unlike the deals held by current Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Current Tag Team Champion Alex Shelley before they were offered long-term contracts earlier this month.

What do Katie Forbes’ and Rob Van Dam’s departures mean for Impact Wrestling?

The status of his long-time girlfriend and Knockouts star Katie Forbes is not known at this time but it is widely believed she had been working on a similar deal.

This was Van Dam’s second stint in Impact Wrestling, He left in 2013 to rejoin the WWE.

While they are currently free to seek employment with another wrestling organization it is believed that the pair are leaving on good terms and that resigning with the company down the line, if they should choose to do so, is not outside of the realm of possibility.

So what does this mean for the landscape of Impact Wrestling?

In the short term? Honestly, this doesn’t change much. Van Dam has not been active in the title scene for the last year or more and has been mostly used to elevate younger talent like Callihan with his legend status in the industry or as a way of reintroducing old rivals to the Impact faithful as was the case with his series of matches with the returning Rhino just over one year ago.

What affects Impact Wrestling the most

Katie Forbes was not terribly active in the ring for Impact Wrestling herself. Having only two billed singles contests this year. She was usually fulfilling her role as Van Dam’s manager more so than a competitor in the division.

Where the loss will most likely be felt most is backstage and in the front office. Despite his age and antics outside the ring, it is hard to argue that Rob Van Dam’s name does not bring interest and intrigue to whichever company he is active with. Bringing new eyes and new sponsorship opportunities to every card he is on.

A WWE legend is set to help out Impact Wrestling. dark. Next

Not to mention the immense resource he was to the younger talents backstage who have styled their ring work largely around Van Dam’s career and abilities. Hopefully, both talents find their footing with new and exciting opportunities and always know that they are more than welcome to come home to the Impact Zone.