WWE Draft 2020: Full predictions for the new Raw and SmackDown rosters

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WWE Draft
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Raw Tag Teams/Factions resulting from the WWE Draft

1.) Andrade and Angel Garza (c)

2.) Rey and Dominick Mysterio (w/Humberto Carillo)

3.) Hurt Business

4.) Undisputed Era


6.) Heavy Machinery

7.) The Miz and John Morrison

8.) Lucha House Party

9.) RooDolph

The WWE also needs to rebuild its Raw Tag Team Division. As mentioned earlier, the WWE should be unifying the tag team divisions because each division is infinitesimal to the point that every match is repetitive. In case unifying the tag team divisions is not in the company’s plans, these nine tag teams should keep the division sufficiently fresh until WrestleMania season, at least.

Assuming Andrade and Angel Garza dethrone Street Profits in a rematch from their controversial finish at WWE Clash of Champions 2020, they have many potential contenders who would chomp at the bit. Rey and Dominick Mysterio would be top babyface contenders, especially after their encounter in an eerie number one contender’s tag team triple threat match on Raw last week.

Hurt Business and Undisputed Era would be top factions who would coalesce and fight off RETRIBUTION. Heavy Machinery will very likely move to Raw to reunite with Mandy Rose. It’s quite amusing that Miz actually thought he separated Mandy Rose from Otis when Raw and SmackDown are actually in the same arena anyways (but kayfabe still lives, right?).

The Miz and Morrison will move to Raw primarily because The Miz switches brands every year but also because they would have to continue their feud with Heavy Machinery and restart their momentum for Raw Tag Team gold since they already captured SmackDown tag team gold. Mandy Rose will probably have her hands full with both Miz and Dolph Ziggler on Raw.

Speaking of Ziggler, as for RooDolph, Robert Roode has been rumored to return soon and he and Ziggler recently got traded to Raw, so it would be nonsensical to trade them back to SmackDown. Finally, Lucha House Party will merely be the jobber tag teams of the division, especially since they are no longer needed on SmackDown after losing their title opportunity against Artist Collective.