WWE Raw Takeaways: Randy Orton has a guarantee

WWE, Randy Orton (Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage)
WWE, Randy Orton (Photo by Bob Levey/WireImage) /
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WWE, Drew Gulak
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Drew Gulak shows another example of his brilliance on WWE Raw this week

Drew Gulak is a former Cruiser Champion and a two-time 24/7 Champion, having picked up his most recent title victory at Sunday’s Clash of Champion when he snuck up on R-Truth, who unwisely waltzed into the referee’s lounge looking for gold.

We’ve seen Gulak portray different characters in WWE. He was the comical leader of the “No Fly Zone” with his Powerpoint presentations on 205 Live, then he became a much more serious grappler. Gulak’s swapped between babyface and heel, but, most recently, he’s been a babyface working with Daniel Bryan on SmackDown.

He’s quietly moved to Raw, seemingly, in the 24/7 title scene. While that may seem like a downgrade, Gulak is making the most of it. He, R-Truth, and fellow former Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa were absolutely brilliant in this week’s hilarious 24/7 title segments.

Gulak’s grappling ability is unquestioned. He is one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE, which is a big reason why Bryan wanted to work with him on the Blue Brand.

But Gulak is also one of the funniest wrestlers on the roster and is excellent at providing wholesome entertainment. That will carry him far, in the sense that he will always find a place on the show, earning praise from fans. You know, like this week!