Three challengers for Sami Zayn after WWE Clash of Champions

WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /
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Jeff Hardy didn’t get pinned or submit to lose the Intercontinental Championship

Due to the Ladder match stipulation, at WWE Clash of Champions, Jeff Hardy – who walked into the event as champion – never traditionally lost the title despite picking the stipulation himself.

The fact Hardy wasn’t beaten directly – gives him a reason to be the number one contender for the title, the former five-time champion could say Zayn didn’t beat him in a one-on-one match and is the first in line for a shot at the new champion.

Hardy is not one to moan however that argument would make sense, this would be the best way to start their solo rivalry.

This would be a good first defense for the new champion as he and Hardy haven’t had a long feud together, the matches would feel fresh. Zayn did pin The Charismatic Enigma, on the September 25th edition of SmackDown, but that was a Triple Threat Match and AJ Styles hit Hardy with the Phenomenal Forearm with Zayn stealing the fall.

As shown in the recent Triple Threat Matches, these two have good chemistry together – a win over a legend like Hardy would instantly give Zayn’s title run credibility. Zayn is a great heel and Hardy is the ultimate babyface, the latter chasing the former for the title will make great television.