Three challengers for Sami Zayn after WWE Clash of Champions

WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /
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Kevin Owens gets drafted to SmackDown and him and Sami Zayn reignite their rivalry

With the draft right around the corner, there is a chance Owens and Zayn could end up on the same brand again.

The last time they were on the same show, the former NXT World Champions were partners, but before that, they had one of the most intense feuds in recent WWE history – having tremendous matches at NXT TakeOver: Rival (2015), Payback (2016) and Battleground (2016).

During that conflict, Zayn was the babyface and Owens was the heel, this time they are in opposite spots – that’s what would make this year’s rivalry feel fresh. Owens has been a solid good guy while Zayn is so good at being bad – this is an interesting dynamic.

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Once Owens is done with Aleister Black, he has no real direction on Monday Night Raw, a switch to SmackDown would be ideal – he and Zayn could tear the ThunderDown down. The story doesn’t need to be told, everybody knows the history here, things would come full circle for two of the best wrestlers in the WWE. Give them 25 or 30 minutes on pay-per-view, the contest would be an instant match of the year candidate, let’s hope the company makes it happen.