NXT TakeOver 31: Five things that must happen

Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo: WWE.com
Finn Balor on the Oct. 30, 2019 edition of WWE NXT. Photo: WWE.com /
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The mystery person has a big impact on the night

The last two weeks have been haunted by a mysterious promo making some type of return to NXT. There is a lot of speculation around who this person could be. The promos make mention of a “return” to the black and gold brand. But that does not quickly draw down the possibilities of who this person could be. Seems like many of those across the wrestling media space believe it to be Bo Dallas but Ember Moon is someone that could be in the conversation as well.

Since the promo is being presented as a former champion, that means the intention is for this person to be seen as a top-level talent when they return. Inserting them into the title picture by getting them involved in the main event is a sure fire way to do so, but it also causes issues with the finishes becoming overbooked and convoluted.

There is an opportunity for NXT to do something special with a returning individual. There is no announcement for a planned match, so the expectation should be that this person crashes a match. Keep a close eye on how this plays out because returns are always a highly anticipated moment in professional wrestling but when they fall flat, they are impossible to rebuild from. Many believe that the move to the USA Network has had a negative impact on NXT, especially the roster of talent. There’s potential for a returning champion to become an immediate draw if pulled off successfully. All of that hinges on a successful return starting at NXT TakeOver 31.