WWE Draft 2020: 5 possible sleeper picks

WWE Draft Image: WWE.com
WWE Draft Image: WWE.com /
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WWE, Chad Gable
WWE, Chad Gable Photo: WWE.com /

The 2020 WWE Draft will take place on Oct. 9 and 12. Here are five possible sleeper picks for Raw and SmackDown.

Whether it’s the NFL Draft or a fantasy football draft, everyone is looking for their sleeper. There’s something especially appealing about finding a star that everyone else overlooked, and that’s exactly what SmackDown and Raw GM Adam Pearce (you know I had to) will be hoping to do at the 2020 WWE Draft.

Here are five possible sleeper draft picks this year.

Chad Gable is the definition of a WWE Draft sleeper

Let’s start with Chad Gable, who should never be called “Shorty G” under any circumstances (mockery of WWE notwithstanding). Gable is one of the most talented wrestlers in the company both technically and athletically. His moonsault is arguably the best in WWE after Io Shirai’s. And he can put on clinics in tag team and singles competition. Nobody will forget the classics he and Jason Jordan had as American Alpha.

Gable gets little signs of a push on SmackDown, but then WWE just abandons it. Remember the King of the Ring tournament last year? Or when we thought Gable was turning heel to join King Corbin but hasn’t been seen on television?

A likely late-round pick, Gable is the kind of wrestler who can emerge as a mid-card champion with the right booking. Remember late 2016 SmackDown of which Gable was a part of and won the tag titles? A show booked like that would value Gable in singles competition.