WWE Raw: How long should Drew McIntyre hold the title?

WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com
WWE Raw, Drew McIntyre Photo: WWE.com /

Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36 and has been WWE Raw’s top babyface since, but when will his reign come to an end?

Many wrestling fans thought that Drew McIntyre’s days as WWE Raw‘s male world champion were over at Clash of Champions. McIntyre had already defeated Randy Orton at SummerSlam by roll-up, but the irate Viper was in relentless pursuit of the babyface champion.

In the end, Orton lost again – in an Ambulance Match, no less – but he did not lose in a fair fight. As much as we can say that it was Orton’s own actions towards WWE legends Big Show, Shawn Michaels, and Christian that caused his own downfall, we also cannot say that McIntyre defeated Orton all on his own. He absolutely had help and still came literal centimeters away from defeat.

Therefore, it is no surprise to see that Orton is still after the WWE Championship. He will stop at nothing until he wins the title, and the entitled heel will most likely get that third opportunity at McIntyre’s belt in a match at Hell in a Cell. Will it be inside Hell in a Cell? Probably not, if Sasha Banks vs. Bayley and Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns are the cell matches.

McIntyre’s title reign could be headed for its true conclusion on Oct. 25 at Hell in a Cell. That Pay Per View suits an Orton triumph, considering how diabolical he is. You’d think the Apex Predator’s powers would only heighten to mythical proportions around Halloween time. And he’s been more twisted than ever in 2020. Something about Edge returning has really brought something extra out of the Viper.

Drew McIntyre has accomplished a lot this year on WWE Raw

However, if McIntyre has Claymored Brock Lesnar straight over the top rope en route to a Royal Rumble win, pinned the Beast in the main event of WrestleMania, taken down Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins, and beaten Randy Orton twice already, then who is to say he cannot beat the Viper for a third time? I’ve already doubted McIntyre more than once, so you can forgive me for being hesitant to make the same mistake thrice.

McIntyre could hold the title for a year until next year’s WrestleMania. I don’t think he’s quite popular enough to accomplish that rare feat, but he’s done an excellent job as WWE Champion thus far. It’s conceivable, even if it’s not likely.

But if McIntyre doesn’t drop the title to Orton at Hell in a Cell, there is one man who could take the title off the Chosen One in 2021. That man is Keith Lee, who is headed for a meteoric rise in WWE after shining brighter than anyone in NXT.

Lee already has understandable issues with McIntyre after the WWE Champion repeatedly interrupted his matches against Randy Orton, whom he pinned at Payback. And then when McIntyre and Lee had their match on WWE Raw, the bout never reached its conclusion due to more interference from the Viper this time.

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McIntyre vs. Lee is a WrestleMania world title match or the main event of any Pay Per View. So if McIntyre survives the Orton challenge, then he’ll have to prepare to be pushed beyond his limits by the former NXT double-champion.