WWE Draft 2020: 5 things that absolutely need to happen

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WWE Draft Image: WWE.com /

The 2020 WWE Draft will take place on Oct. 9 and 12, and here are five things that need to happen as a result of the draft.

In the NFL, the draft is one of the biggest events of the year, perhaps second to only the Super Bowl. So, likewise, the 2020 WWE Draft needs to feel like as big of a deal as WrestleMania. Fans are already buzzing about possible brand switches, NXT call-ups, and more.

Here are five things that need to happen during the WWE Draft on Oct. 9 and 12, including some thoughts on the announced matches for the draft’s first night on SmackDown.

Seth Rollins needs to move to SmackDown in the WWE Draft’s first night

The Monday Night Messiah needs a new nickname and some new feuds, because this “Maury” schtick with the Mysterio family is going to get old fast.

We haven’t seen Rollins on the Blue Brand since the brand split in late 2016, and it’s about time we saw Rollins make his way to SmackDown. It would make sense for Roman Reigns to go to Raw and to keep them separate, but if Reigns stays on SmackDown with the blue Universal Championship, I wouldn’t mind seeing them on the same brand either.

Whatever the case, SmackDown needs a little bit of Rollins in 2020 and 2021.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley must be set up as the Hell in a Cell main event on the WWE Draft’s first night

Next Friday night, we will see Big E vs. Sheamus in a Falls Count Anywhere match, the Fiend vs. Kevin Owens, and, evidently, Sasha Banks vs. Bayley after the Boss challenged the Role Model to a match.

Now, it probably wasn’t a great idea for WWE to announce this match on free TV, but we all know that there’s only one outcome that matters in all of this. We need Sasha Banks vs. Bayley inside Hell in a Cell as the Pay Per View’s main event come Oct. 25.

Let’s not hold off on the announcement either. Make it official next week and let’s go full steam ahead with the build this feud. Between Sasha vs. Bayley and Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso, we need to have two special stories told for both cell matches.

The WWE Draft needs to place Billie Kay and Peyton Royce on separate brands

There has, thankfully, been no falling out between Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, but the IIconics can never compete together for the Women’s Tag Titles after losing a match with the stipulation that they would be no more as a tag team.

Wrestling fans already expect Peyton Royce to get a big push, and she is already reportedly impressing people backstage. But I think Billie Kay should also get a good post-draft push. She has the qualities to be a star with her charisma and comedic timing, even if she isn’t quite as good as Royce in the ring.

Have them compete on separate brands so we don’t have any face-to-face matchups and let them both shine in their own ways. I think WWE will find that both Royce and Kay can be good singles competitors.

Rhea Ripley should be one of the WWE Draft call-ups

Rhea Ripley had two standout performances at Big 5 Pay Per Views despite being a member of the NXT roster. She stole the show on the road to Survivor Series and was a star in the 5-on-5 elimination match. And then at WrestleMania 36, Ripley had a match with Charlotte Flair, who is one of the biggest stars in wrestling today.

The Nightmare more than held her own, putting on a great match at ‘Mania despite the loss. And the Triple Threat match that put over Io Shirai as the champion was even better.

To me, the biggest key is the build to the big match, and Ripley was great in both the build to Survivor Series 2019 and WrestleMania 36. She showed she has all the qualities to be a champion on Raw or SmackDown. There’s nothing left for her in NXT.

Keith Lee needs to stay on the same brand as Drew McIntyre

Keith Lee has been highly impressive since debuting on Raw, and he recently picked up a dominant victory over Andrade. He’s not going to be in the same position on the card every week after a red-hot debut, but hopefully that picks up again after the draft. Because Lee should be holding the title by WrestleMania 37, perhaps even winning the belt at the Show of Shows.

If McIntyre can beat Randy Orton for a third time at Hell in a Cell – assuming the entitled Orton does indeed get his match – then Lee is an ideal candidate to dethrone him. He has every reason to go after McIntyre, considering how often Drew interfered in his matches.

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I’d love to see them have a feud and remain on the Red Brand. Lee should be an important star on Monday nights and Raw’s future male world champion. That shouldn’t change with the WWE Draft.