WWE Draft 2020: 5 feuds that need to be created

WWE Draft Image: WWE.com
WWE Draft Image: WWE.com /
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The 2020 WWE Draft needs to create the possibility of these five feuds.

WWE and wrestling, in general, have now adapted to the pandemic, and we’re now cruising through the no fans era. We’ve all managed to get past the awkward phase of the canceled Takeover and the silent WrestleMania and now things are much closer to normal, even though normal at WWE means six weekly shows, including WWE Main Event, about 20 annual pay-per-views, and special events like Tribute to the troops, and Mixed Match Challenge nestled in the already quite hectic schedule. Also, let’s not forget the multiple trips they make to Saudi Arabia each year.

My point is, WWE, for a company whose owner doesn’t like the word “wrestling” for some reason, has a lot of wrestling products, and also a lot of wrestlers. Or a lot of “sports-entertainment” and “WWE superstars” to be accurate.

One of these products that generally garners hype is the WWE Draft (thankfully not the Superstar Shakeup anymore). It is an exciting time when you see wrestlers move from one brand to another to compete with the top talent of that brand. This tactic keeps the roster fresh, and you don’t have to see two guys wrestle each other for ages in a boring feud doing 50-50 booking and……

Oh wait, that happens regardless of the WWE Draft. Anyway, the draft does intrigue wrestling fans to check out who ended up where and then fantasize about the dream matchups they could potentially see with the transfers.

Which is exactly what I’m doing. So here are five wrestling feuds that need to be created via the WWE Draft 2020.