WWE Draft 2020: 5 feuds that need to be created

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WWE, Street Profits
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The WWE Draft must create a dream Street Profits vs. The Usos feud

Tag Team wrestling is a real low for WWE. The tag team title straps have lost all their prestige and with WWE’s talent pool filled with great tag teams, it’s very frustrating to see. The tag divisions on both brands are extremely weak, and to think there are, in total, 5 tag team championships in WWE. That is 10 belts, in the company of a man who seemingly hates tag-team wrestling.

Tag belts not being prestigious was not a case in 2016, when The Usos were battling the New Day in one of the greatest tag team rivalries of all time. The Usos have always been capable workers, but in 2016 they were unleashed with their charismatic heel personas. When they were given a new look and were allowed to talk, they became badasses who could deliver in and out of the ring. Multiple title wins later, the Usos still remain one of the most popular teams in WWE, enough to get Jey into a main-event program with Roman Reigns.

Street Profits, on the other hand, have been carrying the RAW Tag Team division on their backs, popular babyface champions on a floundering stage. They still get cheered though, which shows their potential. Montez Ford is a megastar in making and along with Angelo Dawkins, Street Profits are one of the most unique acts on RAW. They’re both charismatic, especially Ford, and with crowds, their entrance alone is enough to make them stars. It is a thing of beauty when they come dancing out with the audience waving red plastic cups while Bring The Swag plays in the background.

A feud between The Usos and Street Profits promises to be a brilliant program that could go on for months with classes matches, comedic skits, and intense promos, and it’s not even that hard to book. Jey is currently scheduled to face Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell. He probably won’t win but he’ll definitely put up a fight that would elevate the stock of the team. You could draft the Usos to RAW and still have the match, so the feud definitely ends at Hell in a Cell. Then, the Usos go after the RAW tag titles to find redemption.

These four guys would mesh brilliantly together and give the RAW tag division some much needed high points. Also, I just want to see a Street Profits vs. Usos rap battle so WWE, book it already.