WWE Draft 2020: 5 feuds that need to be created

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Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler is a great post-WWE Draft feud in 2021

If you’re a new WWE fan, which I doubt you are because WWE has been breaking records in losing viewers but if you are, you may not know that Sasha Banks is capable of breaking your damn nose with her knees and then tapping you out faster than the bell rings.

If you’re just a main roster fan then you may not know that Shayna Baszler is capable of bullying you into crying, and then snap your limbs and choke you out before you even have the time to tap out.

A match between these two women will be an absolute banger that could transcend women’s wrestling to the main event again. That’s not to say the other women don’t deserve it because they do, but Banks and Baszler is a sleeper feud that nobody can see coming even though it’s right there for everyone to see.

Sasha and Bayley are finally scheduled to go one on one for the belt after months and months and months of buildup on the biggest stage possible, that is next week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Yes! That’s it. That’s exactly what we all wanted.

Shayna Baszler is the one half of the current Women’s Tag Team Champions in an absolute dream team with Nia Jax and they’re not even on TV due to not being medically cleared. Yep. Thank you WWE, you nailed it.

All that aside, we know that Banks should and most probably is going to beat Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s title at some point. She’s going to be a babyface champion and it’s going to be great because Sasha Banks is awesome. We know that Shayna and Nia are supposed to face Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott for the titles whenever they’re cleared to compete and it’s going to be awful because the booking has been terrible so far.

The only solution is to have the tag champs vacate the belts due to medical reasons or whatever, have Baszler debut on SmackDown, and have Jax go back developmental to learn that you’re not supposed to actually hurt people in wrestling.

Then we get a fully babyface Banks versus pure beast mode Shayna, and it would be glorious. Shayna locking in the MMA style submissions, repeatedly doing limb-snapping spots that you just know Sasha would bump like a maniac for, it’s MMA versus pro-wrestling at it’s best.

That is what we need to see, Banks with the underdog babyface fire going against Baszler, the biggest bully in wrestling, 25 minutes of sickening spots until finally, Banks passes out to the Kirifuda Clutch and Baszler becomes the queen of SmackDown.