WWE Draft 2020: 5 feuds that need to be created

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Setting up Roman Reigns vs. Keith Lee after the WWE Draft


So we’re never going to get a conclusion to that to that epic mini-match between Roman Reigns and Keith Lee at Survivor Series? Come on already.

At this moment in the final two survivors stage in the match, Keith Lee was arguably at the height of his popularity. Listen to the roar of the crowd as Lee hit the Spirit Bomb on Reigns that folded him in half, hear them counting down with the referee, “ONE, TWO, TH… OHHHhh.”

At that moment Keith Lee was truly limitless, and that’s probably one of the reasons for his mega push in NXT.

Since then, fans have been begging for a Reigns versus Lee feud. There have been articles, tweets, and posts about wanting to see these two behemoths go at it in the ring. Hell, even Reigns himself wants this match.

This one is so obvious that it should’ve been the first thing that Keith Lee did on the main roster, had Reigns been available at that time. However, now is the perfect time to do it.

Keith Lee has been doing absolutely nothing on RAW, his momentum has been cut short with repeated disqualification finishes and terrible booking. He’s been given the absolute worst spot of being the third wheel in the McIntyre/Orton rivalry. There has been no indication whatsoever that points to Keith becoming a major player on RAW.

However, there’s still time and limitless potential.

Keith Lee hasn’t yet been buried on the main roster. He hasn’t yet had a “This Is Your Life” segment like Bayley, or taken a loss to a 50-year-old man one night after beating AJ Styles like Finn Balor. Or paraded out Bobby Lashley’s “sisters” on RAW like Sami Zayn, or lost his title to Enzo Amore like Neville, or being called Shorty G on national television. Man, there are so many I’m getting depressed.

Anyway, Reigns is now better than ever, playing a monster heel on SmackDown. The tribal chief gimmick is brilliant and has got him the Universal title. Keith Lee is one of the few guys who can look imposing in front of Roman Reigns. After Reigns beats Jey Uso, Keith Lee can return to challenge Reigns for the title. Possibly with his old theme and no shirt? Please?

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It would be an absolute war of a feud with both guys going all out to beat the other. Keith Lee could be the one to dethrone Reigns for the title. The possibilities are endless, WWE just needs to pull the trigger at the WWE Draft.