WWE Rumors: A Raw tag team has broken up before the draft

WWE Raw (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
WWE Raw (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Another WWE Raw tag team has broken up, but this break-up should be a welcome sight for most wrestling fans.

During a United States Championship feud on WWE Raw between Andrade and Humbert Carrillo, Zelina Vega used Carrillo’s real-life cousin Angel Garza, a talented wrestler from NXT who had won the Cruiserweight Championship, to try and mess with Carrillo.

Under Paul Heyman’s leadership on Monday nights, Garza became a rising star and a fixture on the Red Brand. He started competing in tag matches with Andrade, who had moved away from the United States Title picture and into the Raw Tag Title picture.

Throughout the late summer, WWE teased a break-up between Garza and Andrade with tensions running high, frustrating Vega and even Randy Orton.

Zelina was fed up with trying to manage the two underperforming superstars, branching off on her own and impressing in a WWE Raw Women’s Title match at Clash of Champions.

Current WWE Raw stars Angel Garza and Andrade are no longer a team

While Garza and Andrade put on a front of being on the same page despite not having Vega holding them together, wrestling fans saw through the façade. Andrade and Garza were not going to last as a tag team.

According to a report from PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson, the tag team of Angel Garza and Andrade is “no more” as we head into Friday and next Monday’s draft nights.

WWE Raw and SmackDown will build new rosters and new storylines for the Fall as we build towards another WrestleMania, and the changes are much-needed, especially for the Red Brand. The show has been woeful since Heyman’s dismissal, falling well behind SmackDown in quality despite ostensibly being written by the exact same creative heads.

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Andrade and Garza will now be able to branch off on their own as singles competitors, hopefully on different brands so they are kept away from each other. Like many wrestlers on the Raw roster, they have been in too many segments together for too long of a time without any sort of pay off, to the point where fans would rather see these two incredibly talented men do something else.