Sasha Banks and 5 others fantasy NWO members

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Sasha Banks is an easy pick to add to any legendary stable, but who else would have fit perfect in the NWO? Here are some names.

Nostalgia has an important place in professional wrestling. Fans love to reminisce about matches, gimmicks, competitors and more from days long past. The same is said about important stables like the New World Order. One of the most important groups in wrestling history, Kevin Nash played a central part of its establishment. Nash was asked which woman in wrestling from today he would add, and Sasha Banks was his answer. That leads into the important question of who else could be added to the famed group if those performers were suddenly transferred to the past.

“Gotta be Sasha,” Nash said during an interview with The Hashtag Show. I thought her match at SummerSlam that she lost, I thought the psychology was amazing at the end. I mean, there was some thought put into it. There were several times she had her in the, ‘Is she gonna tap, no she doesn’t tap.’ And they just worked it back and forth. And I thought, ‘I’m not seeing that anywhere else.’ I mean, I am seeing it here, I am seeing it in her match. And she is, you know, she is very attractive. I mean, that goes without saying. But she has that swag, you know. She’s the total package.”

Lex Luger may have been known as the “Total Package” back in his famed days, but Nash is right to give Banks that label today. She is one of the most popular competitors on the WWE roster. With the abilities to put everything together in the ring, tell a story with her promos and even appearing in the popular Disney franchise, The Mandalorian, Sasha Banks has everything that the NWO could have asked for.

But who else from today fits the mold to be a part of the Black and White? This list looks at five names taken from today’s wrestling scene that would easily fit into the group that nearly took over professional wrestling.