Sasha Banks and 5 others fantasy NWO members

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MJF embodies everything that a person would hope to be as they set out to be a heel in professional wrestling. It is almost like he is scoffing at the idea of becoming the “cool” heel as many others in the industry. Instead, he is going to do everything that he can to make sure viewers cannot stand him, hoping that he loses or at least gets punched in the mouth every time he steps into the ring. It is that type of charisma that would be perfect to lead a group like the NWO during its heyday.

Remember the scene when Hulk Hogan turned on Randy Savage, hitting him with the leg drop heard around the world? Fans responded by throwing anything they could get their hands on into the ring. That is a moment that is etched into wrestling fans memories and it is the exact type of reaction that MJF shoots for on a nightly basis. He has come close in some regards and sometimes he is lucky that wrestling fans are not allowed to throw things into the ring any longer.

MJF also works a good match when asked of him. He may not have the catalog of great competitions as the rest of the names on this list, but his match with Jungle Boy stands as an example of a promising future. Given time to develop his in-ring abilities can match what he has to offer as a character and any stable of promotion would be lucky to have an addition such as MJF.