Sasha Banks and 5 others fantasy NWO members

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Roman Reigns

The Roman Reigns we are seeing today is a treat. He is playing the heel character in a way that was not predicted and he is doing it very well. Reigns is scary as a heel. In a way that seems to almost intimidate the few people that have been in the ring with him in this state. That type of delivery would have been key in a successful run as a part of the NWO. But what is interesting about his addition to this list is that Reigns could have played both sides of the card, the vicious heel or the one who turns on the group to become the surging babyface.

Imagine a world where Reigns is the one to turn on Hollywood Hogan, kicking him out of the group and claiming it for his own. Or think about the opposite of that scenario, instead having Hogan kick Reigns out of the group, causing the Samoan to take vengeance on the whole crew. There is several different ways the situation can go, but no matter what, Reigns locking horns with the likes of Savage, Nash, Scott Hall, and others would have been fantastic matches in those days.

Seeing this new side of Roman Reigns creates immediate interest into what he can do playing the bad guy. There is so much to look forward to with this run on SmackDown as the Universal champion. But there is also fun in wondering how superstars like Roman Reigns would fare as a part of the New World Order, causing terror throughout WCW or even defending it at some point.