Sasha Banks and 5 others fantasy NWO members

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In the days of the NWO, almost every wrestling stable had a member that was there simply to beat people up. The original NOW had Scott Norton. Chris Benoit was a central part of the Four Horsemen during his day and there’s Arn Anderson before him. Every group had that guy. If we are looking for someone from present wrestling to send back to be a “shooter” of sorts, that conversation begins and ends with KENTA.

There is not any wrestler in the world that KENTA would not square up against. Every time he enters the arena his face screams “fight me.” An unfortunate series of injuries hindered his run in the WWE, but thankfully he is returned to his roots as a part of New Japan – currently putting on classic matches in this year’s edition of the G1 Climax. KENTA can compete with any opponent, regardless of size, weight, and style.

KENTA would have fit in perfectly with the NOW as the guy to get through for anyone looking to stop the stable. He would not need to use the underhanded tactics that the group was famous for, but that would not stop him from doing so. Plus, much like Norton, KENTA could be used to establish a NWO Japan branch and looking back at the roster of that group he would have been one of the best workers there. KENTA is much of a talker, instead letting the beatings he hands out do the talking for him, so being a part of the NWO with others more acclimated for that skill set would have also served him well. With KENTA in the Bullet Club today, we are getting a clear preview of what how well he would have fit into the NWO of old.