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WWE TLC 2019
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Xavier Woods

Every professional wrestling stable has an amazing front man. This does not have to be the individual putting on five-star classics each night, but the one who grabs the microphone to tell you why everyone in the group is the best at what they do. If one person could be transferred to the past and included in the NWO to fulfill that role, Xavier Woods would be an exceptional pick.

As a part of the New Day, Woods stands out as the one with the best promo abilities. There is nothing he cannot convince you of when talking about his stable mates, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. He is just as much of a character whenever he is in front of a camera, whether it is for one of WWE’s studio shows or hosting his own content on Up Up Down Down. Woods is masterful on the microphone.

But do not forget that he is very capable in the ring. The New Day have a catalog of excellent matches, many of which where Woods played a central part. The Hell in a Cell match that they had against the Usos in 2017 stands as one of the best tag team matches the WWE has put on in the last five years. Woods played a key part in that match, putting his body on the line multiple times. He is as important to that group as any other member. Woods would be a promising part of the New World Order and his love for the history of pro wrestling would earn him a spot in it, just as his time in the New Day.

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