WWE: Mustafa Ali versus Kofi Kingston is ripe for the booking

WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Mustafa Ali Credit: WWE.com /

The WWE Draft sent Kofi Kingston to Monday Night Raw where he should be welcomed by the new leader of RETRIBUTION, Mustafa Ali.

Night one of the WWE Draft occurred on SmackDown and the biggest move of the evening came when the New Day were effectively split up. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are moving to Monday Night Raw as the SmackDown tag team champions, while Big E remains on SmackDown. As the dust settles around this situation, the idea of Kingston being on the red brand creates an intriguing opportunity to call back to Kingston’s run that led to KofiMania. A big moment in his career that came due to an untimely injury to the new leader of RETRIBUTION, Ali.

The year 2019 will forever be remembered as KofiMania. It was the year that Kingston’s rise to the WWE Championship came out of no where and gave fans the moment that occurred at WrestleMania 35. Kingston’s run started with his inclusion in a gauntlet match where he lasted nearly an hour against some of the top names in the organization at the time. This came as a last minute audible when Mustafa Ali was forced out of the spot due to a concussion. Ali openly talked about that moment back in March of 2019 on his Twitter profile.

“My dark time allowed someone else to sine,” Ali posted. “As much as it will haunt me for the rest of my career on the opportunity I missed out on, the fact that someone so deserving is getting the recognition he deserves makes it right. This was no accident. This was destiny.”

Destiny pushed Kingston to the title and pushed Ali off television. Since that moment he has been sparingly used on any forms of WWE content. He has had moments where he would return, such as his inclusion into the Hurt Business angle on Monday Night Raw. Fans always respond to Ali in a very positive manner, but that response is never enough to get WWE Creative to do something with him. Until now.

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Ali revealed that he is the master mind behind RETRIBUTION, the group that has continued to terrorize the WWE for the last few months. As a unit they are all looking for some type of payback for their treatment by the WWE. Ali has the biggest gripe of them all. He has never had an opportunity to regain a position that he is worked so hard to obtain. Ali remembers that, and he “welcomed” Kingston to Monday Night Raw on social media shortly after the draft pick was announced.

RETRIBUTION should immediately target Woods and Kingston. Ali has all the back story to have a bone to pick with Kingston and this must be a focal point immediately. Blaming Kingston as the one who stole his spot is a storyline that must be completed. The matches, the promos, all of that is fresh and taps into the real-life situation that elevated Kingston’s career while pushing Ali down the roster. A feud between these two also helps raise Ali up the roster because Kingston is a proven competitor that fans rally around. Everything is there to create a compelling angle that fans will want to see more of once the WWE Draft ends. The big question is whether or not RETRIBUTION ends up on Raw after the Draft, but this is something that WWE cannot overlook, right?

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Viewers will have to wait to see if WWE Creative will take advantage of this angle that started by accident last year. This has the potential to be one of the best feuds on WWE television if done right. Sadly, WWE Creative does not have the track record, but viewers can hope that we get to watch something special between Ali and Kingston on Monday Night Raw.