WWE Hell in a Cell 2020: Why Sasha Banks vs. Bayley needs to main event

WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com
WWE, Sasha Banks, Bayley Photo: WWE.com /

Sasha vs. Bayley have been two of WWE’s MVPs in 2020 and should be the main event at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020.

2020 has been a strange year for everyone. It has upended lives and turned them upside down. It’s changed the way we experience pro wrestling. Fans haven’t been able to attend shows for much of the year. Some companies have slowly been allowing a small, socially distanced number of fans in. WWE introduced the ThunderDome to allow a virtual crowd.

Through all of the uncertainty, we had two women entertain us: Sasha and Bayley.

These two have arguably been WWE’s MVPs (along with our wrestling goddess, Asuka). They have carried the company on their backs to entertain fans around the world. It has been WWE’s best story and some of its best wrestling. They have worked their butts off to be in this spot.

Bayley has been at her best as a heel. Sasha helped her play this role perfectly. She propped her up and encouraged Bayley to be ruthless. Sasha played into it Bayley’s dark side and hyped her up. Or so she thought. Bayley was the one pulling the strings of her puppet–er, best friend.

The backstory to the feud that should main event WWE Hell in a Cell

Even as the Two-Woman Power Trip dominated the summer on what appeared to be equal ground, The “Role Model” frequently used Sasha. She would stand by while Sasha was defenseless and allow her to be beaten up. She would offer Sasha up for matches that she clearly didn’t want to be in. She often took the lead in promos and interviews, daring “The Legit Boss” to rise to her level.

Once they lost the SmackDown tag team titles, we all knew that their partnership was on the rocks. Maybe they could salvage their friendship and stay on the same side for a while longer. That didn’t work for Bayley. Sasha needed to pay for costing them their tag titles. Bayley quickly collected that debt when she brutally attacked Sasha on SmackDown.

First, she blindsided her former partner by attacking her as she sat on the ring apron. Next, Bayley focused on Sasha’s injured knee and used the steel steps to inflict as much as pain as possible. Next, she went for the neck by placing it in a steel chair. Bayley then jumped down on to the chair from the top rope to destroy her neck.

Sasha returned to address Bayley’s actions but was caught off guard with yet another attack. Bayley again focused on Sasha’s injured neck. Sasha returned at Clash of Champions to get revenge by attacking Bayley after her match against Asuka.

Sasha Banks challenged Bayley to a match at WWE Hell in a Cell

The pair have gone back and forth over recent weeks. On the first night of the draft on SmackDown, Bayley won their match via disqualification. Afterward, Sasha finally challenged her nemesis to a match at Hell in a Cell for the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship.

Sasha has wrestled at Hell in a Cell for the RAW Women’s Title twice; once against Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. By wrestling Bayley, she will have faced every member of the Four Horsewomen at WWE Hell in a Cell. The match against Charlotte was the first of its kind. She followed that match up against Becky, in which she came up short once again. This will be Bayley’s first cage match.

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While some could argue that this match is best saved for the biggest stage of them all at WrestleMania 37, Hell In A Cell is a fitting place for a match of this importance. This story and these women deserve to main event. They have more than earned it.

Not only that, but their story deserves the biggest spot on the card. If this is the exclamation point on this story, then it’s only fitting that they main event. This is the match that deserves the spotlight. Even if this is just the next chapter in the Bayley vs. Sasha saga, it’s only fitting that it closes the show.

Give these women everything they deserve.