AEW: Why they should sign independent outlaw Mance Warner

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Mance Warner is a popular mainstay on the indy scene who mixes old school and hardcore wrestling.

AEW already has a stacked roster, but that doesn’t mean that they are done adding fresh faces.

The company has interest in independent wrestler Mance Warner, according to Cassidy Haynes at

Warner, who is currently signed with Major League Wrestling (MLW), has been spotted backstage at a couple of AEW shows.

It’s not clear what his status with MLW is, but in an interview with Wrestling, Inc. in June 2019, he said:

"“Hell, I don’t even know. I would have to look at [my contract] and take a look at it. I’m not sure,” said Warner. “I would say that that goes to some agent or something, but you know ol’ Mancer ain’t got no damn agent.”"

What could Mance Warner bring to AEW?

“Ol’ Mancer” is part of the Second Gear Crew (SGC), a group of outlaw wrestlers on the indy scene. EFFY, Matt Justice, AJ Gray, and One Called Manders round out the group. Another member of SGC? Eddie Kingston.

Prior to being SGC members, Kingston and Warner had faced each other several times. Another AEW connection is a “Loser Leaves MLW” match, where MJF lost to Warner prior to fully appearing in AEW. They also crossed paths in AAW.

The “Southern Psycho” has held titles in CZW, AAW Wrestling, IWA Mid South, GCW, Bizzaro Lucha, Pro Wresting King, and Unsanctioned Pro.

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Warner would be a good fit in AEW because he’s his own man and plays by his own rules. He would fit right in with guys like Jon Moxley and Darby Allin. He has a history with hardcore matches and could have incredible matches with the likes of those two. He could also join Kingston and his Family of Violence.

AEW would be wise to bring Ol’ Mancer into the fold.