The feud between Jey Uso and Roman Reigns should continue past Hell In A Cell

WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images)
WWE, Roman Reigns (Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images) /

The Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso feud is the best on SmackDown and should continue past Hell In A Cell.

Now, we all should’ve known this was coming.

We’ve all watched tag team division in the entire company basically dry up. The Usos in particular have ran circles around just about every team for a majority of their time in the company — even in their lowest points.

Injuries aside, they got to a point where they ran out of things to do in the company. With Jimmy hurt, Jey could have been kept off of television until his brother was able to return. They could’ve gone back after the tag team titles on Smackdown, but no.

The Usos could have been included in the Draft and moved to Raw. I don’t think people are running around the room begging for The Usos to switch brands right now. Let alone get into a feud with the Street Profits or whoever is the Raw tag team champions after the Draft is over.

It was only a matter of time before one of them went on a singles journey. Jimmy getting injured ended up being that final straw.

Zoom to Jey Uso getting a championship opportunity against his cousin Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Every interaction between Jey and Roman (along side Paul Heyman) leading into their match  at Clash of Champions and after seems to have sparked something.

Originally, I was worried that this would be a one and done type of situation. But, I’m glad to see this feud continued past their epic match at Clash of Champions. That was definitely the right call.

Smackdown as a whole is where it’s at right now. But, this feud in particular is the best on the brand.

You’ve got the history, family ties, cultural references and everything mixed in.  It’s the chrisma and athleticism Jey brings to the ring against the power and arrogance of Roman. Now we get to witness a Hell In A Cell match between Jey and Roman!?

I love it, I love it, I love it!

Everyone seems to love this and that’s my point! Go back at look at the reactions to Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso at Clash of Champions again! Go back and look at the tweets!

That energy you’re going to see is “give me more of this!” It’s not going to be any different after Hell In A Cell. I’m quite positive of that.This is very likely going to be one of those feuds that we’ll still be talking about for years to come. This is the type of feud that is set to make a lot of magic and money.

When you combine a compelling storyline with the all the ingredients, huge fan interest, and excellent matches, Hell In a Cell just doesn’t feel like the right time to end this feud. I dare say it’ll be a huge mistake.

Ending their feud at TLC seems to make the most sense to me. It seems so far away. But, I got a feeling that’s going to go fast.

Now Im seeing that pay-per-view is taking place on December 20th — right before Christmas. And Christmas this last year lands on a Friday, too?! The same day as Smackdown? Come on, timing! Come on!

All this is the long way of saying WWE needs to give the fans what they obviously want and that’s more. As long as they make sure this feud is memorable and continues to make this meaningful, this will be one for the books.

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