WWE Draft 2020: 3 wrestlers who were snubbed by both brands

WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
WWE, Sami Zayn (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) /

The 2020 WWE Draft is in the books, and these three wrestlers will have a chip on their shoulder after they went undrafted or were drafted too late.

Aaron Rodgers waited for what felt like an eternity before he was drafted in the first round, and he went on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Although the WWE Draft 2020 is entirely scripted, that script is written by Vince McMahon with input from executives, so if a wrestler goes undrafted or “falls” in the draft, it’s fair to assume they are being underestimated.

Here are three wrestlers who were snubbed by both Raw and SmackDown in this year’s WWE Draft.

Sami Zayn, a fourth-round pick in the WWE Draft

Sami Zayn is WWE’s Intercontinental Champion, and he proved he was the rightful champion all along by winning an all-time great ladder match to kick off Clash of Champions.

Yet Zayn had to wait until the fourth round on the second night of the WWE Draft to hear his name called by SmackDown. Lars Sullivan was selected before him, which should tell you all you need to know about how terrible WWE’s decision-making is. And don’t get me started on how high Matt Riddle was drafted.

Maybe they snubbed Zayn on purpose so he’d have another point to prove and another promo to cut on WWE, but since he’s a heel, I think they legitimately undervalued him. That’s no way to treat your Intercontinental Champion.

Andrade had a rough Night 2 of the WWE Draft

It seems like WWE does not care about Andrade right now. Then again, we thought the same thing about Lana, and she’s the next challenger to the Raw Women’s Champion now.

But with Andrade, it’s really troubling to see that he went undrafted. Whereas Lana was at least a supplementary draft pick on Raw Talk, Andrade never heard his name called after literally being a first-round pick last year.

So what happened?

Andrade’s stock has seemingly fallen hard in WWE, and the only explanation could be that Vince has soured on him. I can’t think of anything else he’s done, other than get swept up in a “will they or won’t they?” break-up storyline with Angel Garza that finally reached its logical, anticlimatic conclusion.

Aleister Black should have been picked higher in the WWE Draft

Another wrestler who should have been taken higher on Night 2, which featured some truly bizarre picks, Aleister Black is an absolute steal for SmackDown. with the second-to-last pick of the sixth round (the last televised round on Raw).

Black was, of course, taken after Matt Riddle and Lars Sullivan. He was also picked after King Corbin, Dabba-Kato, and Titus O’Neil.

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Like Zayn, Black should have some real bulletin board material after this draft-day snub. He’s supposed to be someone who can challenge for a world title in the future and has a new gimmick change with a fiery feud with Kevin Owens. Yet he was an afterthought on draft night.