WWE Raw: What if Ricochet is secretly with Mustafa Ali on RETRIBUTION?

WWE, Ricochet (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)
WWE, Ricochet (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) /

Is Ricochet going to join the Hurt Business, or has the WWE Raw superstar already aligned himself with a powerful faction?

There is a faction war emerging on WWE Raw before Survivor Series between RETRIBUTION and the Hurt Business. On the Oct. 5 episode of the Red Brand, we saw the latest wrinkle unfold when Mustafa Ali revealed he has been with RETRIBUTION all along, much to the shock of the Hurt Business and pretty much every WWE fan.

Ali leading RETRIBUTION is a huge boon to the new faction, which was struggling due to several poor booking decisions from WWE since their beginning.

But could they receive another big boost in the form of another relatively big name secretly working with them?

Ricochet has been recruited by the Hurt Business over the past couple of months, and his former tag team partner (and now rival) Cedric Alexander decided to join. Ali was also recruited, but, as we now know, he already has his own faction. MVP even tried to get his former United States Title rival Apollo Crews on his side, but Apollo has mercifully gone in another direction after being drafted to SmackDown.

Ricochet was a third-round pick to WWE Raw in the draft

Meanwhile, Ricochet is still a part of the Raw roster, as he was a third-round pick on Night 1 of the 2020 WWE Draft. The One and Only is also tired of dealing with the Hurt Business, so he made them an offer on Night 2 of the draft. Beat Cedric Alexander one-on-one, and he’d never have to face them again. Lose, and he’d have to join them.

Well, Ricochet won, but he won by pulling a page out of Eddie Guerrero’s book. He intercepted the steel chair MVP tried to give to Alexander after the referee bump, waited until just before the ref got up, and threw the chair at Alexander before falling down (with his hand over his head for a wonderful theatric effect).

Winning in that manner won’t sit well with the Hurt Business, who won’t honor the pre-match pact. They are going to still go after Ricochet, and Ricochet 100 percent had to know that when he decided to use this tactic to win.

So really, Ricochet doesn’t care if the Hurt Business keep coming after him, because he knows he has a force behind him. Without Ali and Apollo, Ricochet would be all alone against the Hurt Business. Except he’s not.

Ricochet could use a change of character on WWE Raw

Ricochet needs a change in character even more badly than Aleister Black did before Aleister turned heel on Kevin Owens.

So imagine if he’s been working with Ali behind the scenes with RETRIBUTION all along. It makes sense. Ali is super talented, but RETRIBUTION need one more rising star to complete the faction, and Ricochet, a third-round pick, is as notable of a name as any.

He also has more reason to be against WWE than anyone in RETRIBUTION, including Ali. Remember when he was squashed by Brock Lesnar? How many real title opportunities has he gotten besides that loss in Saudi Arabia?

Exactly. Ricochet should be taking matters into his own hands, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he already has.

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The Ali reveal as RETRIBUTION’s leader was wild enough, but imagine what WWE could do with Ricochet’s reveal as a co-leader of the faction. While the background of Vince McMahon creating RETRIBUTION doesn’t sit well with me, if Ali and Ricochet are planned as co-leaders, which seems plausible to me right now, then those two talented wrestlers can absolutely make the most of it. They could turn a so-so storyline into something that vaults them and the faction as a whole into their own thing.