AEW: Top 5 best moments in Dynamite’s first year on TNT

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AEW Dynamite has had a multitude of memorable moments in its first year.

Happy Birthday, AEW Dynamite!

While the first episode technically aired on October 3rd, 2019, the successful flagship programming of All Elite Wrestling will be celebrating its anniversary this coming Wednesday.

Could you imagine going back in time to Dynamite’s debut and reveal the card for the anniversary show? I have a feeling a lot of people wouldn’t believe that Orange Cassidy would be challenging Cody for a belt, that’s for sure.

This past year, despite some hiccups and circumstances beyond their control, AEW has had so many incredible matches, feuds, and moments on top of moments on top of moments. And so, in honor of its anniversary, I’ll be counting down the Top 5 moments in Dynamite’s first year.

But first, a few disclaimers and caveats. This list will only include moments that originally aired on Dynamite, so no pay-per-view moments. This is also all (obviously) subjective. As mentioned before, there are so many memorable Dynamite moments, and what makes a moment great or memorable really depends on the viewer, so why stop at just five?

Honorable mentions.

Firstly, Cody’s attack on the Inner Circle with Dustin, MJF, and DDP. Between Cody breaking through the glass door with his fist, JR yelling about the Dippin Dots stand, and Jericho holding his ticket while pouting afterward, this was a fun and chaotic moment that helped build up the Cody-Jericho feud.

Next, we have the main event finish of the Homecoming Show on January 1st, with The Elite winning against The Lucha Bros and PAC. While the match itself was great, it was the context that made this such a great moment, as it felt like an answer to prior complaints of the Elite not being pushed properly on early episodes of Dynamite and some course correction after a rough end to 2019. It also reestablished the Elite’s tension with Hangman Adam Page.

Finally, there’s the opening to the first Dynamite in the Pandemic-era. In a very uncertain and crazy time, Cody and the Elite gave a sincere and inspirational speech that tiptoed the line between work and shoot.