AEW: Top 5 best moments in Dynamite’s first year on TNT

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#4. The Golf Cart Chase

A lot of these moments are on the list because of how they set up big storylines. Aside from this being part of the buildup to the Stadium Stampede, this doesn’t really do that. What this is, though, is one of the most hilariously off-the-wall moments I’ve personally seen in recent memory.

The match was a Street Fight between Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. The match started in the ring, but eventually was taken back into the Daily’s Place/TIAA Bank Field complex. After being inside of an icebox – during which he underwent a costume change – Matt Hardy emerged as Damascus, and immediately went for a nearby golf cart.

After awkwardly hitting Jericho with the cart, Omega joined Hardy in the passenger seat, and they set their eyes on Sammy Guevara. The cart had plenty of room to gain speed, and Sammy futilely attempted to outrun the vehicle. Guevara was hit by the cart in a manner that struck a delicate balance between looking like it hurt and not looking like he got seriously injured.

Everything about it was perfect. Sammy’s look of terror as he ran, Hardy’s evil smile in the driver’s seat, and Omega’s unhinged expression as he points and shouts at his intended victim.

This moment is a little harder to watch now considering what happened during the subsequent Matt Hardy/Sammy Guevara feud, with Hardy being hit in the head by a steel chair and slamming his head on the concrete in the same area where this moment took place. However, it is still a fantastic combination of Hardy and Omega’s propensity for wackiness, Guevara’s willingness to take some insane bumps, and AEW being a sort of haven for creative moments like this.