AEW: Top 5 best moments in Dynamite’s first year on TNT

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#3. Brodie Lee is revealed as the Exalted One

AEW has had plenty of crowd popping debuts. In fact, the very same night as this debut had a, shall I say, wonderful one in the form of Broken Matt Hardy. While Hardy showing up was awesome, the reveal of Mr. Brodie Lee as the Exalted One turned out to be a major turning point for one of AEW’s more troubled factions, the Dark Order.

The Dark Order, at the beginning of Dynamite’s first year, wasn’t having the best time. There were some awkward moments, lots of teases for secret members that didn’t really go anywhere, and there’s the infamous end of the December 18th show. They were arguably gaining steam in the new year, and the promise of an ‘Exalted One’ set expectations pretty high.

Thankfully, the arrival of Mr. Brodie Lee delivered, really kicked things into overdrive.

The video introduction itself was fantastic. Lee’s ‘out of touch old man comment’ was an excellently sharp jab at his former employer, and the way he absolutely demolished Christopher Daniels afterward really sent a message: Mr. Brodie Lee means business.

After some awkwardness as the Vince McMahon parodies and jabs kept coming, the Dark Order has ended up becoming a really entertaining group to watch in AEW. Brodie has put in some great matches against the company’s biggest faces, the group’s BTE portrayal has been absolutely hilarious, and Colt Cabana and Anna Jay’s involvement with the group has been fascinating, and all of that might have never happened if Lee didn’t have such a great debut.