AEW: Top 5 best moments in Dynamite’s first year on TNT

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#2. Jon Moxley’s Inner Circle Fakeout

Jon Moxley has been an incredible addition to the AEW roster and has been an excellent champion.

His feud with Kenny Omega ended in a very intense and bloody match at Full Gear, and with him as the victor, Moxley was able to set his sights on the top of the food chain; a match against Le Champion Chris Jericho.

Ever the cunning heel, Jericho wanted to go for an “if you can’t beat him, have him join you” route, trying to convince Moxley to join his Inner Circle group, even using a car to sweeten the deal. Moxley agreed, even revealing an Inner Circle shirt under his jacket.

Now, what happened next wasn’t exactly a shock, but boy was it satisfying.

Moxley swerved Jericho with a simple “I’m just kidding”, slammed a bottle of the bubbly into Jericho’s skull, and made his escape, but not without the car keys Jericho ever so generously gifted to him.

This moment of misdirection set the stage for the eventual match between Moxley and Jericho at Revolution and Moxley becoming the new champion. The Inner Circle has previously been a force to be reckoned with, especially with their strength in numbers. But here was Moxley downright embarrassing them and getting the upper-hand alone. This really gave off the impression that Moxley was capable of winning it all against Jericho. He has the skill, the cunning, and Jericho himself is clearly afraid of him.

The rest of the buildup to their Revolution match was excellent as well, and the eyepatch reveal during the match would no doubt top any list of best AEW pay-per-view moments. It’s great to see Moxley become an absolute star on his own terms post-WWE.