AEW: Top 5 best moments in Dynamite’s first year on TNT

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#1. Cody’s Steel Cage Moonsault

The American Nightmare Cody is a wrestler whose entire ethos was made for lists like these. He has a very strong tendency to be dramatic and create big moments, and this one was no exception.

Cody was on the path to get revenge on MJF, who betrayed Cody at Full Gear. Being the top-level heel that he is, MJF declared that he would only accept a match if Cody followed some stipulations. One stipulation involved receiving 10 lashes on Dynamite, which is admittedly another memorable though somewhat hard to watch moment, and another was to win against MJF’s personal right-hand man Wardlow in a steel cage match.

The match itself did a great job of showing off Wardlow’s ring work, but the conclusion was the truly memorable part, as Cody moonsaulted off the top of the cage before getting the pin.

This was actually the first steel cage match in AEW history, and it proved to be a great start. Seeing Cody make the jump was a spectacle in and of itself – making him look like a straight-up superhero – but it was that combined with what the moonsault and subsequent pin meant for him that ensured the moment would top this list.

By making the moonsault, Cody did it. He made it through the stipulations, and now he can finally settle the score with his former friend. The contrast of his broken state after the 10 lashes with this triumphant finish really added to the weight of the moment. It’s the type of victory that wins the hearts of the viewers.

Since then, Cody has expressed regret for doing the spot, as he did sustain an injury from the jump. Even so, the sheer bravery and dedication to tell his story as best as he could is extremely commendable, and that’s why it makes the top of this list.

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