WWE Draft 2020: Ranking the best 5 picks in terms of value

WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com /

Now that the dust has settled in the aftermath of the 2020 WWE Draft, it’s time to rank the best picks.

The 2020 WWE Draft is in the books, and the Raw and SmackDown rosters are set for the next year. So now, it’s time to take a look at what the best picks of the draft were, weighing draft status and potential impact on the brand. So someone picked with the first five selections on either night isn’t going to register as high as a late-round steal or a first-round pick with high upside.

5. Naomi was a great pick by Raw in the WWE Draft

Naomi is going to get a huge boost on Monday nights. At least, that’s what I hope. Fans have been waiting to see a change for Naomi, and while we won’t get overly optimistic before we see results, I am feeling like a championship win could be on the horizon for her in this next year.

A two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, Naomi has yet to win the women’s title on the Red Brand. I think that changes soon, as Naomi is a good bet to win the title on the road to WrestleMania. After all, she did pin the dominant SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley before WWE evidently “forgot”.

Naomi can – and should – be one of the faces of Raw for the next year.

4. Aleister Black was a WWE Draft steal for SmackDown

There was only one draft pick made after Aleister Black on Night 2, and that was No. 30 overall pick Akira Tozawa, who is in the 24/7 Title scene. So Black was snubbed badly on draft day, yet he becomes brilliant value for the Blue Brand with pick No. 29.

Aleister has all the tools to be a world champion in WWE. He speaks with conviction, puts on tremendous matches, and has character work that is believable. Black was a strong babyface in NXT, but his true upside may lie in this emerging heel gimmick. SmackDown took a flier on a guy with a massive ceiling.

3. Angel Garza was a great WWE Draft pick for Raw

Angel Garza was the last pick on Night 1, taken 20th overall by the Red Brand in the draft’s fourth round. Like Aleister, Garza is a man with a massive ceiling and the potential to be a world champion. A former Cruiserweight Champion, Garza did not win any titles on Raw these past several months since his NXT call-up despite being one of the brand’s most impressive performers.

That said, Garza should get his opportunity to win a championship soon enough. He’s too talented to deny, and picking up a talent like him in the fourth round is great value.

2. SmackDown steals Sami Zayn in the fourth round of the WWE Draft

The truth is that Sami Zayn was disrespected in this year’s draft by having to wait until the fourth round to hear his name called. It’s simply unacceptable for Matt Riddle and Lars Sullivan to hear their names called before Zayn. Hell, so many other wrestlers, such as King Corbin and Elias, should have never been picked ahead of the freaking Intercontinental Champion.

But from a kayfabed draft perspective, Zayn is the definition of a steal. He is a GM’s dream (sadly, there was no GM…I’ll just pretend Adam Pearce was picking against himself like it was a sad game of chess or something). SmackDown waited until the fourth round and stole away a brilliant IC Champion who is coming off a classic match at Clash of Champions.

1. SmackDown’s Bianca Belair was the WWE Draft’s best pick

Talk about a wrestler with top star potential. Bianca Belair has more upside than any wrestler taken outside the top five picks in either night, because she can lead the SmackDown brand and win the main title after Sasha Banks and Bayley finish their feud. A WrestleMania or SummerSlam star-making triumph could be on the cards for Belair.

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The EST of WWE, Belair is every bit the future superstar that everyone says she is. But don’t take it from me. Take it from the likes of Charlotte Flair and Kurt Angle. Some of the best wrestlers this business has seen understand Belair’s star quality, and to get her with the ninth pick of Night 1 was a major move for the Blue Brand.